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Glamour photography: highlighting beauty and elegance

The French word “glamour” means enchantment, showiness, and charm. Writer Walter Scott gave a beautiful description of this concept: “the magic that transforms people and their homes into magnificent versions of themselves.” Today, glamorous style is associated with wealth and luxury. However, during a photo shoot, the main emphasis is still on the individual charm of the model. This is what distinguishes glamorous shooting from fashion, where the attention is focused solely on clothes, accessories, or spectacular makeup.

Such a photo shoot allows you to feel yourself an irresistible star, to which everyone’s attention is drawn. The most popular shoots in the style of glamor are among girls, but in fact, quite a few ideas exist also for men and couples. Actual software tools allow you to make the appearance of a person of any complexion perfect. For example, the double chin removal app will easily remove the extra crease on the chin.

What clothes to choose for a glamorous photo shoot?

Although the glamor of the model comes first in a glamour shoot, the outfit should not fail! Choose expressive, fashionable, beautiful clothes, preferably from the latest collections. Usually, such outfits favorably emphasize the figure. Depending on the location and the desired degree of frankness, it can also be a swimsuit or lingerie. Be sure to complement the image with suitable shoes and accessories.  

To get bright and extraordinary combinations, you can use the help of a stylist. This specialist will make your image original, and moderately daring. For a photo shoot, it is desirable to provide 2-4 sets of clothes.

Choose makeup and hairstyle

Makeup for a glamorous photo shoot should be persistent, quite saturated, with bold lines. In this case, the main emphasis is usually placed on the eyes. Take into account that studio lighting makes all colors visually paler, so excessively bright at first glance lipstick or shadows will look very different in the frame. It is recommended to contact a makeup artist who knows everything about the peculiarities of makeup for photo shoots. This will be the key to a spectacular appearance. At the same time, you do not risk looking vulgar in the pictures.

As for the hairstyle, it should be neat, perhaps a little free, and rebellious at the same time. The choice depends largely on the chosen outfit and headwear. If you are not a master of styling, again it is worth using the services of a specialist: the hairdresser will not just make a beautiful hairstyle, but also fix it for a long time, so the photo session will be held without problems.

Location, background, and props for the photo session

For shooting in the style of glamor, the most different locations are suitable. Some photographers prefer not to emphasize the background at all, choosing a “naked” studio and focusing only on the appearance of the model. Others recommend choosing any sufficiently luxurious environment. It can be an interior studio with exquisite furniture, a mansion, an expensive hotel room, etc.

If you want to reduce costs, but not to overdo it with minimalism, it is worth choosing an image for the beach or a sophisticated park/garden. Evening lights of the metropolis, beautifully blurred by the bokeh effect, can also become a successful background.

The main props in such a photo session will be furniture, a chaise lounge, and other surrounding objects. To simplify posing and add accents will help hats, handbags, jewelry, gloves, exquisite scarves, or shawls. The main thing is that they match the main costume, and do not distract attention from the model. Often props do not have to be bought: something can always be rented, borrowed from friends, etc.

What poses are suitable for glamorous shooting?

  • Close-up. The photographer’s attention is focused on the look, emotions, facial expressions, and gestures of the model. An expressive portrait will be a real highlight.

  • In a chair or on a chair. Posing sitting or half-lying allows you to make original shots, to convey the mood of the model and the beauty of her outfit at the same time. In addition, this position promotes relaxation of the body, which means that it is easier to get a relaxed shot.

  • Full-length. Standing may be unusual for a non-professional model, but this problem can always be solved by the photographer – he will tell you where to put your hands and feet. But such shots are really elegant and diverse.

This is not a complete list of effective poses for a glamorous photo shoot, but having been carried away by shooting, it is important not to cross the threshold of light and gentle sensuality. Otherwise, the shots will turn out to be provocative, which does not fit in with the atmosphere of luxury.

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