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BBC Claims Climate Change is Behind Increased Lightning Deaths in Bangladesh – But It’s Utter Nonsense

Will 2024 bring any respite from the BBC’s relentless climate propaganda? It doesn’t look like it. As if to set the tone for the next twelve months, on New Year’s Eve it published a real gem. The central claim its article makes contains a very big but easily debunked falsehood.

Even when the evidence is sparse or non-existent, the corporation is always eager to tell us that every wildfire, flood, storm or drought is a sign that the planet is doomed and we must all submit to Net Zero. The BBC seems unconcerned that it has now racked up an ever-growing litany of examples of climate misinformation, while it regularly accuses others of doing the same.

In its attempt to drill into its readers the idea that we are on the brink of disaster, the BBC usually uses what its reporters think is a tried and tested method, or a combination of several. Where there is nothing more than a correlation between variables, it frames an article in a way which implies there is causation. Or it is selective with the evidence, ignoring anything that is inconvenient, including choosing a truncated period of time which suits its views, while disregarding longer-term data which would cast doubt on them. More generally, it simply emphasises some things and downplays others, guiding readers from the beginning of the article to the end along a path clearly signposted ‘Climate Catastrophe’.

This time, however, it went a step further, and its article is a good example of how bold (or reckless – take your pick) it is prepared to be in pushing a narrative of impending environmental calamity. The central claim it made to support its case is demonstrably untrue. It claimed that a big increase in deaths from lightning strikes in Bangladesh is linked to climate change – the story is unambiguously headed ‘Bangladesh sees dramatic rise in lightning deaths linked to climate change’ – because in recent years there have been more thunderstorms. Yet, on the contrary, data show that in the years when deaths greatly increased, there was not an increase in thunderstorms.

This, of course, leaves aside the important, related question of whether more thunderstorms would have been evidence of climate change over the long-term – something the BBC and other believers in climate dogma simply assume is the case.

It is not as if the BBC is suggesting climate change may be the cause. When the BBC says the increase in deaths is linked to climate change, it is clearly implying there is causation, not just a correlation. It also seems to be implying that climate change is probably the major cause.

The article links to a web page on the United Nations Capital Development Fund’s website. No, I’d never heard of it either. In hyperbolic language typical of the UN, it states there has been an increase in the frequency of thunderstorms in this part of Asia and that this is a cause of the increase in lightning strike deaths. It doesn’t provide supporting evidence, but a bit of googling reveals that in Bangladesh, over the last 40 years or so, there has indeed been a rising trend in the number of thunderstorms each year.

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