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African Migrants Charged in Brutal Beating, Gang-Rape of Husband and Wife in Berlin Park

Charges have been brought against three African migrants with extensive criminal records who allegedly participated in the brutal beating and gang-rape of a husband and wife in a park in Germany, according to reports.

The incident unfolded at Görlitzer Park in Berlin on the morning of June 21, but charges and key details about the suspects have just been made public this week.

On that day, a 27-year-old mother of two young children and her husband, both citizens of Georgia, reportedly approached drug dealers and purchased cocaine, Welt reports.

They later became intimate in the park, attracting the attention of at least five males who ambushed them, beating the husband with sticks and branches and stealing 1,200 euros from him.

At the same, three of the suspects attacked the female and gang-raped her while her husband was incapacitated.

A nearby resident heard the woman’s screams and alerted authorities.

Court documents reviewed by Welt indicate the charged suspects are African migrants with criminal records and false aliases who are in the country under dubious circumstances at best.

  • Osman B., 21, is a citizen of Somalia who has resided in Germany since at least 2016. He has no permanent address and his residence permit is expired. He is known by 10 aliases and has seven entries in the federal crime register.
  • Boubacar B., 22, is a failed asylum seeker from Guinea who entered Germany in 2017. He is known by four other aliases and has nine entries in the federal crime register.
  • Mountaga D., 22, is also a citizen of Guinea. He resides in an assisted living facility and was granted a “tolerated stay” following a failed asylum bid. He has three entries in the federal crime register, including one for “bodily harm.”

Legal proceedings are ongoing although it is unclear when a trial will take place.

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