Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 4 January 2024

The Diabolical Dozen: My Twelve ‘Most-Significant Covid Events’

I occasionally enjoy publishing “List” articles. To me, these essays can provide larger context on important topics and can assist writers in their quest to connect dots that identify the key events that explain how we got to our “Twilight Zone” New Normal.

Today’s list is “The Dozen Most Important/Significant Events of Covid.” This compilation is of course one person’s opinion and the list and rankings are subject to later revisions as new facts or news emerge.

1. All Important ‘Truth-Seeking’ Organizations Became Completely Captured

COMMENT: This development largely occurred before “official” Covid, but I rank this development first because nothing that later occurred would have occurred if this hadn’t taken place. That is, if just a few important organizations weren’t completely captured, the world might not have been (forever?) changed.

In hindsight, the emergence of Anthony Fauci as the leader of the most important US government “science” agency was very significant. Fauci’s influence spiked tremendously after the AIDS scare of the early and mid-1980s. That is, one needs to employ a longer-term historic view to fully appreciate what’s happening today… and why and how these things happened.

(Of course, I could go back much further – like to the Rockefeller Foundation, but to save space, I’ll do that later).

2. Experimental mRNA ‘Vaccines’ Were Created and Then Administered…

The shots were often mandatory or at least coerced with those who refused to get their shots often experiencing myriad negative consequences. The rollout of Covid shots and then “boosters” has to be at or near the top of my list because these injections (received by billions of people) likely produced millions of life-altering adverse events and deaths.

3. Chinese Officials Notify the World Health Organization That a ‘Novel’ Virus That Causes Pneumonia-Like Symptoms has Been Identified in Wuhan, China…

Chinese officials contacted officials at the WHO on December 31, 2019. 

Comment: If officials hadn’t made this observation and phone call, it’s very possible nobody would have ever heard of a new coronavirus and the disease dubbed “Covid-19” would never have been identified. No phone call to the WHO likely = “no draconian Covid responses.”

4. The Covid PCR Test is Created, Patented, and – After Approximately Mid-March 2020 – Widely Administered…

Comment: Absent the creation and regulatory approval of the PCR diagnostic test, a Covid pandemic probably wouldn’t have even happened. For example, before the PCR test was created and then widely utilized, no Covid pandemic existed.

5. Large Numbers of ‘Covid Deaths’ are Identified First in Northern Italy and Then in Cities like New York, New Orleans, and Detroit…

Comment: Everyone who allegedly died from Covid reportedly had “tested positive” via the PCR test. Absent this test, these deaths wouldn’t have been labeled as “Covid deaths.”

In retrospect, it was important that millions of new “cases” be identified, but, just as importantly, that some large percentage of these cases were later cited as the cause of large numbers of deaths. Thus, we had not just a “novel virus,” but a “deadly” virus as well.

It’s also worth noting that Covid “cases” can and are labeled as “asymptomatic.” That is, all cases of “Covid” are not “medical cases” that require medical treatment. One word – “cases” – ended up producing unprecedented fear/panic in the population. This fear was used to justify…

6. Almost in Unison, in Nations Around the World, Presidents and Prime Ministers Ordered Lockdowns…

to prevent spread of this “deadly” new virus and/or to “slow the curve” and/or to prevent hospitals from being over-run with “Covid” patients.

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