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Channel 4 to release a film labelling the Hampstead satanic ritual abuse scandal a “conspiracy theory”

In early 2024, British TV Channel 4 will be releasing a documentary to pass off revelations made by two children in 2014 about satanic ritual abuse as a “conspiracy theory.”

In 2022, the mother of the children released her first video for seven years.  She described documents that irrefutably expose that the recorded and reported crimes have occurred.  Since then, a podcast series calling the accusations a hoax has been publicised widely in corporate media and now Channel 4 has commissioned a film to label the whole affair a “conspiracy theory.”

In 2014, two young children, Alisa and Gabriel, provided their testimonies of horrifying abuse they had experienced by a powerful cult operating out of the Hampstead Christ Church Primary School and the surrounding community. Their testimony was captured in hours of video and audio recordings. Scenes of satanic rituals, sexual abuse, infant murder and cannibalism were described in vivid detail by the children.

Those who were named by the children that were in the cult included London-based actor Ricky Dearman, the children’s biological father; a number of the staff members and parents of their classmates at the school; members of the police force in the schools’ jurisdiction; members of the Hampstead community including shop and restaurant owners, staff from at least seven other schools in the area, and clergy members from the local church.  All these videos and details were private case files that were later leaked to the public in February 2015.  It was later revealed that Sabine McNeil leaked all the videos.

Below is the first video of the children’s confessions that was leaked. The video was made while the children were away on holiday in Morocco and Spain with their mother Ella Gareeva Draper and her partner Abraham Christie.

Recordings of the children’s testimonies were submitted to the police.  The children then went through several video-recorded police interviews where they provided their testimony of the abuse they had experienced.   According to HopeGirl, the state kidnapped the children on 11 September 2014 after which they underwent medical examinations that provided proof of their statements of abuse. After being kidnapped by the state, medically examined, and then intimidated by authorities, the children underwent another interview where they redacted their testimonies.

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