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The neurosurgeon wife of Microsoft exec with ties to Epstein AND Bill Gates: How Melanie Walker met billionaire pedophile who found her ‘very attractive’ before she served as top advisor to Gates’ foundation (2021 Article)

A mutual acquaintance of Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein is a glamorous neurosurgeon who was hired by the convicted pedophile as his ‘science advisor.’

Dr. Melanie S. Walker, 49, who is married to a former Microsoft executive, reportedly helped bring the pedophile financier into the billionaire software mogul’s orbit after she was hired by the Gates Foundation, the charity started up by the multibillionaire software mogul.

Walker met Epstein in 1992 while she was sightseeing in New York City. It was reported that Epstein approached her at the Plaza Hotel alongside Donald Trump, who at the time owned the landmark property.

Walker was hired by the Gates Foundation in 2006, shortly after she moved to Seattle to be with Steven Sinofsky.

Sinofky, who eventually rose to become president of Microsoft’s Windows division, introduced Walker to Gates at a company barbecue in the early 2000s, according to Rolling Stone.

She also became close to Gates’s scientific advisor Boris Nikolic, who later introduced the pedophile finance mogul to Gates.

Two years ago, The New York Times reported that Gates and Epstein met numerous times beginning in 2011.

In fact, Gates visited Epstein at least three times at Epstein’s New York City townhouse, according to The Times.

Those who were employed at Gates’ foundation were also reported to have made multiple visits to Epstein’s townhouse, the Times reported.

The visits by Gates and the foundation workers took place despite the fact that Epstein pleaded guilty to sex crimes against children two years earlier.

Gates admitted on Wednesday that it was a ‘huge mistake’ to spend time with Epstein and revealed that they shared ‘several dinners.’

Gates, 65, also revealed that his divorce from ex-wife Melinda French Gates ‘was a source of great personal sadness’ for the Microsoft co-founder in an extensive and wide-ranging interview with Anderson Cooper on his CNN show.

Gates’ relationship with Epstein dates back to 2011 but it became a point of contention in September 2013 between him and Melinda – who has been said to have been concerned about his relationship with the convicted pedophile.

Epstein was first accused by the federal government of grooming underage girls to have sex with him in 2007.

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