Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 3 January 2024

New Beginnings

Exchanging New Year’s wishes the last few days I have heard and read from so many people that they expect 2024 to be a bad year. Do we really want to give our thoughts, beliefs and emotional power to such expectations? The Law of Attraction then cannot bring us anything other but what we expect and empower. Many have forgotten who we really are. We are emanations of All that Is, Creator, Source, Oneness, God, the Original Field of unconditional Love and we have creator powers but we have not been using them consciously nor wisely.

As David Icke keeps saying, we need not find a solution but remove the cause of the problem which is the absence of love. If we want to create a good 2024 we need to change our thoughts, beliefs and put positive emotions into it. The problem for many with this though is that we keep hearing and reading about what the dark side has planned for us from World War 3, nuclear strikes, crashing of the financial system, power outages, shortages of food and other supplies, made up or real plandemics and so much more.

So how can we bring more love into our life and to our world and thus remove the cause of the problem when we are in constant worry and fear? In order to bring ourselves into a state of higher emotional vibrations we need to stop or at least massively reduce the worry and fear of what might happen. A good way to do this is to get prepared for most eventualities as best we can.  Once you are prepared as best as you can be, you can stop worrying and focus on visualizing the good stuff and being more in a state of love.

Therefore I will focus on getting prepared in my next few posts as I have been delving deeply into this subject not only during the past four years but actually growing up with that mind set.  I grew up in Switzerland. My grandmother and my mother went through World War 2 with food rationing and later the cold war with the impending threat of an invasion from the East. Every Swiss home at the time was built with a bomb shelter. My mother used ours as a pantry to store food reserves. Back then the Swiss government recommended how many liters of cooking oil, how many kilograms of sugar, flour and other staples should be stored per person. Thus prepping with food reserves was ingrained into me since childhood. This post is about food security. Future posts will go into securing independent energy sources, diversifying financial assets, health preparedness and defense.

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