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Red Alert: Tap-To-Pay Terminals Can Reach Into Your Wallet Or Purse And Charge You For Things You Haven’t Even Purchased

Have you noticed a charge on one of your cards that you can’t explain? If so, you may be a victim of one of the “tap-to-pay” terminals that are being installed all over the nation. The television commercials that promote RFID technology that allows us to pay just by tapping a card are designed to make us feel warm and fuzzy about this new method of conducting transactions, but it turns out that this technology is not nearly as secure as most of us thought. The industry insists that cards with these new chips can only be detected four inches away from the terminal, but there have been numerous cases where cards are literally being charged “from across the room”…

Panicked shoppers claim they have been charged for purchases while their credit cards were still in their pockets after in-store tap-to-pay systems read them from across the room.

Several customers have raised the alarm about the glitch which is said to have occurred across stores, restaurants and even a doctor’s office.

One woman said she was at least ‘two feet away’ from the reader when it managed to scan her card information and process a payment.

The local ABC News affiliate in San Francisco interviewed one victim named Edgar Mathews who says that he was billed for his groceries without ever pulling a card out of his wallet…

Mathews was trying to use his debit card to pay for groceries at Safeway — but that never happened.

“I hadn’t tapped it, I hadn’t inserted it, I hadn’t swiped it… and then all of a sudden, out comes a receipt. And I said, ‘How did this get paid for?’” said Mathews.

The cashier couldn’t explain it.

According to the industry, this should never happen.

When Mathews checked his accounts, he discovered that the terminal at Safeway had actually charged a Bank of America credit card that was in his back pocket

Mathews checked his bank accounts. Turns out, the “tap-to-pay” card reader at Safeway had ignored the debit card in his hand. Instead, it reached into Mathews’s back pocket, through his wallet and charged his Bank of America credit card tucked inside!

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