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Jeffrey Epstein’s secret friend list: Judge’s order to reveal nearly 200 names holds the clues – including a ‘widely publicized’ associate of the pedophile financier and Ghislaine Maxwell

Nearly 200 names that had previously been redacted from a long-settled sex trafficking suit against Jeffrey Epstein‘s accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell will soon be made public, a judge has ruled.

The 51-page order was issued on December 18, and will unmask 184 John and Jane Does who had some sort of ties to the late sex pest.

Its release has been highly anticipated, as many had alleged they were being withheld from the public eye after the lawsuit was settled out of court in 2017.

Republicans in Congress have since fought for its release – including the names of powerful friends and acquaintances of the financier who flew on his private jet.

Maxwell, 62, has since been sentenced to 20 years in prison for sex trafficking as part of a separate criminal case. In the settled filing, Virginia Giuffre accused her of helping Epstein traffic her as a minor, and named influential figures allegedly involved.

One of them was Prince Andrew, while others who had gone unnamed until now. A total of 15 were accused of ‘serious wrongdoing,’ while 90 are described as having been ‘affiliated’ with Epstein in some way.

While the fully unsealed document is still a few days away, many – including former President Bill Clinton – had been previously known through other means, according to ABC News.

Numerous others – including other well-known public figures and Hollywood stars – are now set to be unmasked, thanks US District Judge Loretta Preska’s ruling.

Among them is  a ‘widely publicized’ associate who already appeared as a defendant in multiple Epstein-related cases, Preska wrote in one explanation of why each name should be revealed.

She wrote the same for seven other Does – numbered 095, 099, 120, 122, 136, 143, and 157 – while the pseudonym believed to be Clinton is mentioned more than 50 times, ABC reported.

The context of those references, however, still remains unknown, due to the nature of the redactions.

However, several of the redacted names include interviews with various alleged victims and accusers – creating identifying factors that in many cases already unmasked the acquaintances.

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