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Best 5 Bulk Clothing Suppliers And Vendors In 2024

In the ineffable competition, running a boutique without having a unique selling point (USP) can pose a significant challenge for your store. To run a successful boutique, any store owner with passion would need top-notch clothing with industry-competing prices. Doing so ultimately leads to choosing the perfect bulk clothing suppliers to fulfill your store’s demands. 

Are you a boutique owner finding an ideal B2B clothing supplier? Well, if you are on the hunt of finding wholesale garment suppliers, then you are at the right place! In the market brimming with a handful of apparel clothing wholesale suppliers, here are a few that would meet your store’s requirements:

  • Shewin

Goes without saying, Shewin is a top pick for boutique stores prioritizing women’s apparel as their USP. Shewin is a China-based women’s apparel wholesale supplier, with a consistent new launch of products and a lucrative drop-shipping program. 


With 100 plus loyal collaborators, Shewin manufactures its own products to cater to boutique owners’ quality, size, and design preferences. Store owners requiring a line of high-quality alluring women’s clothing for the USA markets can go with Shewin! 


Founded in 2019, Shewin’s MOQ is as low as $39 and zero if drop-shipping. Packing such a lucrative deal, wholesale garment supplier Shewin has a range of apparel from wholesale long-sleeve shirts, occasion-specific attire, footwear, ACCS and more. 

  • FashionGo

Offering a range of clothes for women, men, and children, FashionGo is a bulk clothing supplier with 1 million registered retail buyers. A boutique owner can feasibly find apparel clothing wholesale suppliers matching their store’s aesthetic on FashionGo. 


FashionGo is an online platform with 3 million items including apparel to buy from. The platform actively allows boutique owners to network with top wholesale garment suppliers. So, using the platform, you can locate vendors offering exclusive apparel design with competitive pricing and efficient shipping options.   

  • Faire

Faire is a marketplace for retailers and boutique owners to connect with industry-leading brands and artisans. With flexible payments and attractive pricing, Faire has multiple vendors providing bulk clothing for your store. 


If your boutique sells more than apparel, then you would be happy to know Faire is a marketplace for a lot of categories! Starting from women’s apparel wholesale suppliers, men’s and kid’s clothing to home decor and beauty and wellness products. 

  • MXWholesale

One of the leading global bulk clothing suppliers, MXWholesale is an established brand with over 50 years of evolution in the distribution industry. Apparel clothing wholesale supplier, MXWholesale distributes products of multiple categories. 


MXWholosale has international shipping options, that can be free depending on your order. Their business operates from, Leicester, City of London, and does not have any MOQ. Allowing boutique owners to access their high-quality clothing without paying a hefty sum. 

  • Boulevard Apparel

Boulevard Apparel is an LA-based b2b clothing supplier for men, women, and kids! Known for their 40-80% discounts on top-quality items, Boulevard Apparel is a partner of several leading manufacturers of apparel and has been in the industry for over 15 years.  


The cheap prices on a variety of clothing are made possible by Boulevard by their strategic purchases direct from manufacturers. The apparel clothing wholesale supplier, Boulevard, purchases products that often manufacturers have to liquidate due to excessive amounts or cancellation of big orders. 


Boutiques or retailers already have enough challenges on their platter, having more due to inadequate selection of bulk clothing suppliers is not a feasible option. So, choose a supplier such as Shewin or MXWholsale that eliminates most of your challenges. 


How? With top-notch B2B clothing suppliers, you get to have all orders completed without quality, price, and design compromise. Allowing you to scale your boutique with fashion, a step ahead of industry standards. 

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