Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 31 December 2023

Ha, ha, I am getting so much abuse for saying the alternative arena is being hijacked which is what I expected because people would rather that this was not true. When you tell people what they want to hear you are pushing against an open door. When it’s not what they want to hear you get the shit that I have been getting since 1990

You are later acknowledged (for a short time) to have been right, but then when you push on to the next level it all starts again. I am used to it. The question that drives me is not ‘what do I have to do to make people like me?’, but rather ‘is what I am saying correct?’ That is all that matters to me, not how people choose to react. 

Over and over I have faced abuse over what I have said about a tiny cabal running the world (early 1990s); the non-human aspect to this (1996 onwards); That we live in a simulation created by the non-human force (2003 onwards); that ‘Covid’ was a no-virus hoax (spring, 2020). On and on it goes. 

Now I say that what is happening with the mainstream alternative media is a scam and very dangerous ongoing and it all starts again. What is staggering to me is that ten minutes of research into Elon Musk will tell you to be very wary of anything he says and does. 

The simple question is not asked of why the Deep State that controlled Twitter lock, stock and barrel, and dictated what could be seen, would suddenly sell it to a ‘free speech absolutist’ if that is what he really was. 

The need for a Saviour to worship is encoded in the very DNA of vast numbers of people, even many of those that think they are awake. 

To see those I have respected for what they have done over so many years licking the backside of this man like awestruck sycophants is utterly sickening to me and I will be proved right eventually about all this, too, because the game is SO obvious. 

In the meantime, cue abuse. T’was always so and I am okay with that. The pursuit of the truth is all that matters to me and I’ll take any level of shit to do that.

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