Posted by JULIAN ROSE Posted on 30 December 2023

This New Year Calls for a Bold New Vision for Mankind

We have seen since the latter part of 2023, the horrific repercussions of controlled and uncontrolled mass murder being perpetrated on men, women and children in the Gaza strip.

We have witnessed, in US and European cities, the escalation of deranged individuals shooting dead whoever happens to get in their line of fire.

We see – and increasingly directly experience –  a break down in civilised patterns of law and order; responsible governance within and without supranational bodies, national parliaments, educational institutions, national health services and hospitals, transport systems, banking, the media, and indeed, in too many cases within families themselves. Amounting to general disassociation with basic moral values.

We also see how giant corporations and banks continue to swallow-up smaller businesses and turn their workers into less than human robotic slaves, unwittingly and wittingly supporting a world exclusively devoted to self agrandissement through the twin totems of power and money.

We increasingly recognise that a whole generation, growing-up in a soulless era of materialistically driven, selfish and often aggressive behaviour patterns, are in danger of falling easy victims to EMF digitalised communications technologies that offer an escape route into a virtual reality world – having little or no connection with an ‘earthed’, meaningful and genuinely human existence.

Many see all this and much more – and yet feel paralysed from changing direction within their own lives. Feel spellbound by the top-down centralised program that stands behind the relentless degradation of human rights, basic freedoms, privacy and justice.

In spite of much valuable information being available to those who care to search for it, there remains a lack of awareness that we are living in ‘a program’. Within an agenda whose ends are 100% antithetical to sentient, caring human beings and to the vital ecological diversity of the planet.

Continuing to participate in this program while dismissing as ‘conspiracy theories’ information that reveals its origins to be a small cabal of ruthless exponents of a ‘New World Order’ and a ‘Great Reset’, is to be in denial of the gift of basic human intelligence.

For such people, only the arrival on one’s doorstep of a life altering shock, will induce an awakening.

But there are a quite rapidly growing number of decent human beings who are now recognising that the horrors which greet us in each morning’s media scan, add up to more than just arbitrary acts of spontaneous cruelty.

They recognise a line of continuity between the perpetration of one tragedy and another. One deliberate incitement of violence with another.  They start to join the dots.

It is within this growing body of the partially aware that the New Year needs to bring with it a shift into taking responsibility for becoming fully aware – and taking the actions that, when enough engage in them, will bring about a crucial tipping point. A decisive shift in the energetic direction of our planet. A point where ‘we the people’ find our true sense of purpose, and follow it.

There are two key elements involved in turning around the existing ‘world order’: having a clear vision of what should replace it, and having the guts to go for it.

Within this is the need to continue to defend those basic values which have somehow endured up till now.

‘The vision’ is critical in order for further positive actions to be brought to life. Without vision driving aspiration, the goal cannot be reached. And the goal must be something which strongly appeals to the collective unconscious of mankind, not just at the conscious level.

What vision is capable of inspiring such a reaction?

It is said that ‘where attention goes energy flows’. So we must start with ourselves. We must each observe where it is that our attention goes – and whether this is genuinely life affirmative or essentially regressive – and then to be able to get control over it and firmly direct it towards truly meaningful ends.

When I use the word ‘ourselves’, it refers to individuals capable of discerning the nature of the reality we live in and also capable of acting on it, responsibly. This includes, where necessary, taking responsible non-egoic leadership.

Shockingly, this rules out a large proportion of the population of our planet; including those who still insist that that which is positively aligned with the search for clarity and truth, is the domain of trouble makers and conspiracy theorists.

So in assessing what element within society is able to adopt a vision capable of shifting daily life in a positive direction, we must conclude that this will be a small percentage of humanity.

However, small as it may be, if sufficiently fired-up, it has the power to bring about the fundamental shift of direction that is called for.

The sickness moving through society today is not just the expression of physical ailments. It is the expression of a profound imbalance manifesting within all aspects of life on earth. A disruption of planetary equilibrium.

This has been brought about, over many decades if not centuries, by placing a false emphasis within the core values of human education and aspiration. An emphasis skewed in favour of external material enrichment – of ‘having’ – rather than on discovering and fulfilling our true potential in body, mind and spirit: of ‘being’.

At the deepest level all humanity longs ‘to be’. Longing also for the sense of security experienced by realising one is under the guidance of an omnipotent and benign power offering unconditional love, regardless of one’s status in this world.

If this longing was recognised, respected and acted upon within the social, political, financial, legal, ecological and spiritual disciplines that form the core concerns of all people, we would solve the problems of humanity and indeed of the world, at one stroke.

It would mean the emphasis of all education would be the realisation of human aspirations set within the context of an overall pursuit of truth, justice and spiritual emancipation.

I have used a newly coined term ‘veritocracy’ (from the Latin ‘veritas’: truth) to describe this new state of existence – that which must replace the thoroughly worn-out socio-political institution called ‘democracy’.

A Veritocracy will embrace the pursuit of truth and justice as the central goal of social, political and economic life. It will mean the end of politics as we know it.

At the core of this vision lies a belief in the realisation of the as yet untapped powers we have inherited as a divine gift of our Creator.

An immeasurably valuable gift that we have failed to acknowledge and have therefore squandered in favour of false trails into unfulfilling realms of compromise and disaster.

I therefore offer the birth of Veritocracy as a vision to get 2024 off to the right start.

A vision that when put into effect will change all our lives from top to bottom, bottom to top. Will fundamentally readdress our sense of direction and set mankind on its true path of destiny.

A path that will ensure the rapid demise of those whose existence is fully devoted to preventing the glorious and unobstructable flowering of mankind.

Julian Rose is an organic farmer, writer, broadcaster and international activist. He is author of four books of which the latest ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind’ is a clarion call to resist the despotic New World Order takeover of our lives. Do visit his website for further information 


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