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China, Russia, USA and EU cause devastation in Africa while scrambling for natural resources to feed the climate change cult

While you’ve been distracted with Ukraine and Palestine, both the East and the West are fighting over natural resources in Africa – and Africans are paying a heavy price for it.  Not only are Africans paying with poverty and their lives but these raw material-hungry powers are stealing Africa’s future as well.

Why are so many countries fighting over Africa, on African soil?  To fund wars and to profit from a fabricated “climate change crisis.”

The following list of resources shows the grab for Africa’s resources and the devastation it has left in its wake.  It should be sufficient to leave all but sociopaths and psychopaths in a state of shock.

Where is the outrage?  Where are the protests?  Where are the calls to free Africans?

The following is adapted from a collection of articles published by Naqoyqatsi on a blog page titled ‘Proxy World War in Africa: USA vs China vs EU fighting for Rare Earth Minerals

A new report details how the Wagner mercenary group uses gold mining in Africa to funnel money to the Kremlin.

According to The Blood Gold Report, Wagner has laundered some $2.5 billion to Russia since its full-scale invasion of Ukraine last year in an effort to support its war effort.

This is in spite of global sanctions that have shut off the Russian economy from much of the world.

The report was produced by the Consumer Choice Centre, as well as Democracy 21 – a non-profit that tracks corruption and advocates for government transparency.

Jessica Berlin, a political analyst & co-author of the report joined All Things Considered host Scott Detrow to elaborate on their findings, and how far the scheme has gone.

Read more: How ‘blood gold’ from Africa is funding Russia’s war on Ukraine, NPR, 27 December 2023

While Moscow’s involvement in Africa lags behind other powers, it is increasingly tapping into anti-Western sentiment to bolster its influence on the continent amid geopolitical competition between Russia and the West.

Critics of growing involvement by Russia’s Wagner Group, a private military company, say Moscow is bolstering authoritarianism, driving conflict over resources, and threatening human rights.

Read more: Russia’s Growing Footprint in Africa, Council on Foreign Relations, 28 December 2023

With countries around the world pledging to zero-emission goals, the global demand for rare earth minerals has amplified.

Rare earths comprise 17 minerals that are indispensable to the manufacturing of smartphones, electric vehicles, military weapons systems, and countless other advanced technologies.

Africa holds the promise of large, high-grade deposits of rare earth metals. For three decades, China has managed to secure mining deals across the African continent with the availability of cheap labour and weak regulations. Currently, the global annual demand for rare earth elements (“REEs”) is largely met by China, which has devoted itself to increasing its presence in Africa guaranteeing ambitious energy and technological transitions. However, even with the abundant availability of rare earth deposits in southern and eastern African countries, the region has not yet reached its full potential.

Read More: China, Russia, USA and EU cause devastation in Africa while scrambling for natural resources to feed the climate change cult

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