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Reduce Birthrates or Pay: The US Is Making It Harder to Have Kids

Elon Musk is known for bemoaning the declining birthrate.  He’s doing his part to remedy that situation, having fathered eleven children himself. But, as usual, he’s not fitting in with the other billionaires who are very interested in ways to reduce birthrates.

The other billionaires aren’t so keen on babymaking.

Most of the billionaire class seems convinced with a religious fervor that overpopulation is responsible for the world’s ills, especially climate change.  Britain’s Prince Philip is famous for saying, in 2009, that when he died, he wanted to come back reincarnated as a virus, to solve the overpopulation problem.  King Charles has spoken out about problems related to overpopulation since the 1970s.  Prince William recently gave a speech about Africa, particularly, having an unsustainable birth rate.

The British royal family is not alone.  In Bill Gates’ Innovating to Zero TED Talk in 2010, he expressed hope in reducing population by “10 to 15%” to meet climate goals.

The Rockefellers, in particular, have been involved in population control schemes since the 1950s.  Assisted by hefty donations from groups like the Ford Foundation, they have been funding various projects to restrict the births of low-income people around the world.

It’s been easy, for a long time, to dismiss concerns about worldwide eugenics programs as conspiracy theory.  Groups like the Rockefeller Foundation are good at framing their projects as nothing more than educational programs, which the general population has seen as something positive.  Most women don’t want eight or ten kids (I never did), and see birth control education programs as a necessary counter to that.

It isn’t just the Communists who want to interfere with or reduce birthrates.

Westerners more often associate draconian population reduction measures with communist regimes, thanks to China’s well-known One Child Policy.  While China imposed harsh financial penalties, along with such barbaric practices as forced abortions, forced sterilization, and infanticide, communist Romania went in the opposite direction, making family planning nearly impossible.

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