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“The Dark Beings Directing their Incarnated “Helpers” on Earth have been Removed from the Astral Plane”

In a recent Love Stream held by Christina Von Dreien in Switzerland, she said that the unlight Beings*  who have been directing their incarnated operators have been removed from the astral plane as other dimensional benevolent forces have been clearing out the plane for a while now. We here on the 3D level will be the last to notice the good changes materializing into our reality. Let me begin at the beginning by introducing you to Christina.

Who is Christina Von Dreien?

Christina is a young Swiss woman born prematurely during the Easter night in 2001 with her twin sister Elena who died barely two months later while still in the hospital in premature care. Her mother describes Christina’s unusual childhood in the books Twins Born as Light and The Vision of the Good. Very early on Christina was connected to higher dimensional spheres and beings, including to her twin sister Elena. For her the presence and communication with parallel spiritual worlds and divine planes have always been normal. In her first year of life she had trouble taking in milk and a stomach tube had to be surgically implanted as she wasn’t gaining weight. Unsure whether this was the right thing to do, her mother consulted an astrologist in Zürich who immediately saw that Christina was born under a massive planetary constellation and she said “This child will change the world”.

During her childhood her mother learned much from Christina as her connection to other dimensional planes and beings gave her knowledge and insights from the earliest years of her childhood that other humans don’t have access to or lose fairly quickly after they are born. She has the ability to see, hear and converse with subtle beings such as ghosts and gnomes but also with plants, animals and even stones and rocks. Her vibration can go so high as to make her almost transparent when she has to be careful not to walk through walls or “solid” furniture and she’s able to see through walls and in the dark. She never would use her abilities for demonstration purposes as these gifts would be removed if she did. She told her mother as a young teenager that these phenomena are side effects of everyone’s true being and only serve for her to fulfill her purpose in the future. She has telepathic abilities and explains to her mother that telepathy is not simply communication by thoughts but requires a big responsibility for life. There are no languages in telepathy. She was in telepathic contact with someone in the South American jungle who probably spoke Spanish or Portuguese in his “outer life” and she spoke German. Yet with telepathy they understood each other perfectly without language barriers. She said telepathy is a natural ability that most humans have lost. Her mother asked her with how many beings she is in telepathic contact. She answered with various beings all over the cosmos. When there is an energy she doesn’t know, a new contact, she needs to block it first to protect herself from unwanted attacks of which she has had many. She said telepathy is not limited to a physical body as it happens through consciousness. It works over a cosmic net that can be likened to the nervous system. This cosmic net made from subtle strands connects all that is existing with each other. She says images can be transmitted telepathically as well.

Up to this day she feels the energetic fields of people around her which also influence her field a lot.

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