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Campaign group accuses BBC of feeding license fee payers a ‘diet of woke bias’ in their original TV dramas and news content

A campaign group has accused the BBC of feeding license fee payers a ‘diet of woke bias’ in its original programming and news content.

The Campaign for Common Sense conducted a review of the corporation’s output and has alleged there is bias in coverage of debates over race and gender, The Telegraph reported.

Campaigners highlighted examples of alleged wokeness in BBC’s content, including in new episodes of Doctor Who which ‘implied that the Doctor is gay’, discussed gendered pronouns and featured a transgender character.

The group also alleged that the BBC News website has been publishing articles on Britain’s ties to the transatlantic slave trade weekly and argued that the issue was addressed in an episode of the long-running soap opera Waterloo Road.

BBC has criticised the campaign’s analysis, claiming that ‘cherry-picking a handful of examples’ does not ‘constitute analysis’ and is not a ‘true representation’ of the corporation’s content.

The Campaign for Common Sense has suggested that the BBC is failing to uphold the standards of ‘impartiality, accuracy and trust’ that were outlined in director general Tim Davie’s 10-point plan to ensure impartiality two years ago.

The group, alleging to have analysed the corporation’s original TV dramas and news content, claims the slave trade appeared in news articles more than once a week this year. It also claims that as of September, BBC News featured 55 separate stories about slavery on its website.

Slavery was also addressed in a January episode of Waterloo Road in which the plot followed a group of students who revolted over their school’s ties to the transatlantic slave trade.

Campaigners also noted how during that same month the corporation was forced to amend an online article after coming under fire for referring to explorer Sir Francis Drake as a ’16th-century slave trader’.

Additionally, the analysis highlighted the corporation’s response to gender issues, citing how in June hospital drama Casualty was criticised for promoting ‘top surgery’, a mastectomy procedure to remove breast tissue.

The group also noted how BBC Radio 4’s PM programme in February was forced to issue an apology after two transgender activists branded author JK Rowling as transphobic.

The report also highlighted a slew of controversial interviews, including one with TikTok prankster Mizzy, and how the corporation was accused of portraying illegal immigration in a ‘sympathetic light’.

A BBC spokesman told the Telegraph: ‘Cherry-picking a handful of examples or highlighting genuine mistakes in thousands of hours of output does not constitute analysis and is not a true representation of BBC content. We are proud that our output seeks to represent all audiences and a range of stories and perspectives.

‘Across the entirety of our services there will, of course, be occasions when people disagree with or want to challenge what they have watched or heard and we have well-publicised routes for them to do that.’

MailOnline has approached the corporation for comment.

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