Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 28 December 2023

AI CANNOT Replace Jobs That Humans Are Better At

Irresponsibility or negligence of employees can destroy a company’s credibility, reputation, and not to mention result in expensive repercussions. There are countless cases of employees posting sexual and other inappropriate content on social media, engaging in equivalent behavior on company grounds, making controversial posts on politically sensitive issues, and recording live videos of alleged mistreatment at work environments.

All of these have devastating long term effects which companies spend millions to rectify through PR campaigns, change in policy, etc. when everything otherwise was working fine. Companies now acknowledge the huge liability in hiring human workers.

Some past cases of employee behavior negatively effecting their company include a Domino’s employees posting a prank online violating health codes on a customer’s order, hundreds of Amazon workers refusing to work following a fire and an Amazon employee uploading a TikTok video of being allegedly trapped, Fox News paying a 12-million-dollar settlement claim of abuse by employee Tucker Carlson, Fox News paying a $787 million-dollar settlement to Dominion Voting System over false claims. There are countless other examples from both big and small businesses where employee behavior negatively effected company efficiency resulting in afflicted revenue. We don’t even want to get into doctor and hospital mistakes, and the various unprofessional conduct that occurs regularly, but patients can’ t do anything due to lack of insurance / finances.

Even the interviewing application process has become a waste of time in most cases for employers as many unqualified applicants are simply wasting their time. The solution is AI, and it could open more opportunities for job seekers while killing the entitlement mindset. So this is the reality, and people can either embrace it or fight, but honestly it’s because people just don’t want the competition.

But it’s gotten even worse, now companies can be sued for allegedly promoting extreme behavior as Google, YouTube, and are blamed for providing content that enabled a gunman to kill ten people.


Robots were Inevitable

High output companies need to implement AI to replace people, period. As sad as it is, if people want to continue living with modern conveniences, they’re going to have to accept AI taking over some aspects of the workforce.

AI would make far fewer mistakes than human, period. Look at the rigged legal field, and how only corporations with money can afford justice while the rest suffers? Lawyers screw countless people every year by overcharging and manipulating the system. AI however, can instantly review laws, past case examples, and more to help many at a fraction of the cost in addition to speeding up the super slow legal process. People can get justice faster.

Dragging cases bleed people financially, but robot judges can act quickly and would have no emotion or bias so would deliver justice better, probably.

It can also take out the blame of racism and discrimination in law enforcement as AI would identify crime based on data, not assumptions. These are all positive possibilities as opposed to doomsday scenarios. Let AI replace jobs and serve people’s needs. Yes, there are certain risks, and it can definitely be misused, but there are possibilities for good.

AI won’t replace professions like massage therapists, but could offer affordable alternatives. Virtual reality can offer tennis lessons, martial arts instruction, and a whole bunch of other classes at cheaper prices but it won’t replace the live activity. It can provide affordable education, provide access to labs to people at great distances, and offers cheaper options which would greatly help the poorer class.

Amazon created an opportunity for self-published authors, who would have thought that? Book publishing used to be a heavily exclusive field to break into, but can now be entered by anyone with access to the internet. Amazon also used to accept submissions for screenplays, but later discontinued. Look at how the fields of computer science and personal computing products enabled people to work in tech fields in neat clean environments, that was unheard of before.

Technology always eliminates jobs, but they also create new ones.

Rather than spread fear mongering, let’s just call it for what it is. AI is simply making available for the lay person what was previously done by skilled specialists. It doesn’t mean it’s necessarily going to replace anyone, just will provide another tool in the arsenal for employers and entrepreneurs to utilize in their enterprise.

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