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I thought I was falling in love with ‘Kevin Costner’ – but really it was a con artist using AI to create deepfake videos, voice notes and phone calls resembling the star

A woman has shared her ‘traumatising’ experience of an AI romance scam that led her to believe she was in a relationship with Kevin Costner.

When Rachel*, 57, from Sussex, received a message from a person claiming to be the Hollywood star she thought it must be an imposter until she was sent convincing voice notes and video called him.

Rachel fell for ‘Kevin’ after the pair shared their life stories over messages, realistic lifelike voice notes, and video chats.

Having divorced her husband in 2005, Rachel was on the lookout for love. Likewise, the actual Yellowstone actor had filed for a divorce from Christine Baumgartner in May.

Following a series of failed relationships, Rachel, a respected medical practice owner, was ready to be swept off her feet. So when ‘Kevin’ reached out to her in July after she posted a comment on his official Instagram page, she was thrilled.

Rachel, however, was unaware of the sinister plot behind her romantic interest – a sophisticated con artist using Kevin Costner’s media outputs and artificial intelligence to create deepfake phone calls, voice notes, and video recordings resembling the star.

But after receiving realistic voice notes form the bogus Kevin Costner, she was lured in. After all, she thought, how could it not be the real Kevin Costner when his ‘smoky’ voice is exactly the same as in his films.

‘I felt lucky he had noticed me amongst all the thousands of followers on his social media,’ Rachel said.

As time progressed, the AI imposter ramped up the romance levels, manufacturing feelings of love in Rachel, who believed she was experiencing genuine romance for the first time in her life.

Chatting on WhatsApp, messages would come through at all hours of the day, and ‘Kevin’ would tell Rachel how ‘special’ she was to him. Voice notes would be sent to Rachel frequently and the pair video called a handful of times.

‘At night, he would often leave messages wishing me sweet dreams; they felt wonderful to me,’ she added.

Just weeks after the messaging had started, the bogus relationship got more serious when Rachel received messages from ‘Kevin’s’ alleged friends and family.

Impersonations of Liam, Cayden, Lily, and Annie Costner reached out to Rachel via their so-called secondary social media accounts, informing Rachel of their ‘father’s’ intense feelings for her.

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