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Cult-Owned Liar Gore Claims Global Warming May Soon Force 1 Billion ‘Climate Refugees’ To Cross International Borders

Former Democrat Vice President Al Gore told CNN’s Jake Tapper over the weekend the world could soon see as many as one billion displaced “climate refugees” entering other countries if citizens don’t fork over enough cash to the elite’s global warming ransom.

“If we don’t take action, there could be as many as one billion climate refugees crossing international borders in the next couple of decades,” Gore said. “Well, a few million has contributed to this wave of populist authoritarianism and dictatorships and so forth… what would a few billion do? We can’t do this, we could lose our capacity for self-governance!”


Next, the ex-VP claimed there are already people being driven from their homes because of heat and humidity, essentially placing the blame for modern mass migration on climate change.

Gore’s track record regarding climate predictions is poor as he infamously suggested in 2009 there was a 75% chance the North Polar ice cap was completely ice-free in the next five or seven years.

Of course, as Infowars and others have long documented, the UN replacement migration plan has been in the works for decades.


There are currently hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants from nations across the globe pouring into America as Alex Jones and Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene warned on Tuesday.

MTG wrote on X, “The Biden admin has created the most dangerous national security crisis in history. They’ve legalized human trafficking of millions, allowed 1.8 million gotaways, and are harboring illegals at the taxpayer’s expense! Treasonous! Impeach Mayorkas!”

Jones responded, “MTG Is 100% correct! Biden is nothing but a treasonous puppet of Obama and the NWO/WEF crowd! Remember when he told the invaders ‘to immediately surge the border when I am elected.’ The Democratic Party has gone completely insane. They are power drunk and totally incompetent. All they can do is destroy things. See the Biden video for yourself and please share. People are really starting to wake up so there is a silver lining to the madness.”

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