Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 26 December 2023

Karma does not exist except as encoded algorithms in the simulation that we know as the ‘laws of physics’. Karma is a key part of the trap. It is because ‘karma’ is encoded in the demonic simulation, which we call the human world, that demons and their gofers can override the ‘karmic consequences’ of what they do

They play by different rules in other words because they wrote them in the first place and they can write different ones for themselves through the different codes that they carry. Hence ‘elite bloodlines’ that incessantly interbreed to protect those codes.

Nor did this re-begin as claimed here when John Dee discovered how to connect with demons. Demonic gofers long before and since have incarnated specifically to do the demons’ work while others do it after having demons attach to their energy field through ‘possession’ (often instigated in secret society rituals).

They need our ‘permission’ (in truth obedience) through perceptual manipulation because without our cooperation they have no power over us. They lied about ‘Covid’ so that people would accept the jab, lockdowns, etc. If we en masse refused to acquiesce they would not be able to impose anything.

If they had to tell us the truth about what they are doing to ‘follow the rules’ how come they lie about ‘Covid’ and human-caused climate change to ‘justify’ dystopia? A letter laying out three world wars that the vast, vast, vast, majority of the human population has never heard of is not ‘telling us’, as this video claims.

Our simulated reality was CREATED by the demons, but there is a way to escape it. 

See my books The Trap and The Dream and my new film The Dream. 

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