Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 24 December 2023

The Year of the Mindfuck

Well, that’s pretty much it for 2023 … which I’m officially dubbing The Year of The Mindfuck.

I am doing that against the advice of my attorney, who is (a) trying to keep me out of German prison for as long as possible, and (b) trying to stop me from gratuitously alienating whatever remains of my former readership and going totally broke.

I’m not making that particularly easy for him.

The thing is, no one wants to hear that they have been mindfucked. People want to hear that other people have been mindfucked. Which … they have. Other people have been thoroughly mindfucked. But that doesn’t mean that other people — i.e., the people who want to hear that other people have been mindfucked, but not that they, themselves, have been mindfucked — haven’t also been mindfucked, which is what I’ve been mostly writing about in 2023, which, as Matt Taibbi put it in a blurb for one of my books, “probably this is not a profitable life choice.”

So it goes in the political satire racket. Sometimes you are hailed as a “prophet,” other times you’re scorned as a “dissension-sowing asshole,” censored into Internet oblivion by beloved billionaire free-speech defenders, and prosecuted for trumped-up “hate crimes.” It depends which way the wind is blowing.

It hasn’t been blowing my way this year.

On top of which, I’ve been pissing into it, the wind, at more or less every opportunity. I know it’s dumb, but I can’t seem to stop. Something about watching people being mindfucked over and over again “triggers” me, or punches my buttons, or something.

But enough about me … let’s get to the mindfucking. Due to the voluminosity of it, I won’t be able to review it all in detail but I’ll try to cover most of the mindfucking highlights.

Ready? OK, here we go.

The mindfucking started in January with the birth of the Musk Cult and the whitewashing of Twitter, and the trickle of “revelations” about “mistakes that were made” during the “Covid pandemic.” The Powers That Be needed to memory-hole the story of what actually happened (and didn’t actually happen) in 2020-2022 and enshrine the official Covid narrative in history. To achieve this they needed to mindfuck some people, not the Covidian cultists who they had already mindfucked, the other people, who they hadn’t been able to mindfuck. It was obvious that we were about to be subjected to The Mother of All Limited Hangouts.

If your memory of what actually happened (and didn’t actually happen) in 2020 is little hazy, here’s an excerpt from that column, which I published in January.

“In March and April of 2020, in the course of roughly five to six weeks, the majority of societies throughout the world were transformed into pathologized-totalitarian police states. A global ‘shock-and-awe’ campaign was conducted. Constitutional rights were suspended. The masses were locked down inside their homes, where they were subjected to the most massive official propaganda blitzkrieg in human history. Goon squads roamed the streets of Europe, the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, Asia, the Americas, and elsewhere, beating and arresting people for being outdoors without permission and not wearing medical-looking masks. Corporate media around the world informed us that life as we knew it was over … a ‘New Normal’ was coming, and we needed to get used to it. The entire official pandemic narrative was rolled out during those first few weeks. Everything. Masks. Mandatory ‘vaccines.’ ‘Vaccination passports.’ The segregation of ‘the Unvaccinated.’ The censorship and demonization of dissent. Everything. The whole ‘New Normal’ package. It was rolled out all at once, globally.”

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