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Definitely worth checking out in relation to Twitter/X and its ‘verification’ partner, AU10TIX. Israel-based AU10TIX is a subsidiary of Netherlands-based ICTS International that was created by ‘former’ members of Israel’s domestic intelligence agency, Shin Bet, which works in coordination with Mossad

9/11 researchers will know that another subsidiary of ICTS is Huntleigh USA which was responsible for security in 2001 at 9/11 airports, Boston and Newark. Then there were the ‘7-7’ London tube and bus bombings on July 7th, 2005. This is a quote from my 9/11 exposure book, The Trigger: 

“ICTS subsidiary, ICTS UK, had its office in London’s Tavistock Square and the bus bomb went off right in front of the building. Fortress GB, another Israeli company, had an office next to ICTS UK on the first floor of Tavistock House South and still another ultra-Zionist operation, Verint Systems, then a subsidiary of Israel’s Comverse Technology, was given the contract the year before the 7/7 bombings to install a ‘networked video system’ across the underground.” 

Where are what should have been a stream of CCTV images of the ‘7-7 bombers’ walking through the tube system and getting on the trains? This is a quote from the exposure documentary 7/7 Ripple Effect: 

“Verint Systems is the security firm that is responsible for the CCTV surveillance cameras in the London Underground rail network … why [has] no CCTV footage of the four Muslims boarding the tube-trains … been released by Verint who claim that their cameras were not working?” 

Should we really be okay with Twitter/X using AU10TIX to check and collect user data?

Links between X and an Israeli company resurfaced, generating outcry among social media users

Although the story first broke in August, the controversial connection between X, formally known as Twitter, and Israeli-based company AU10TIX, has resurfaced, reigniting a firestorm of outrage and concern among social media users.

Amidst the ongoing Israeli military aggression in Gaza, netizens have been furious over X’s verification partner selection, particularly given that AU10TOX was founded by ex-members of Shin Bet’s unit 8200, Israel’s key intelligence force.

Social media flooded with screenshots showcasing individuals attempting to go through X’s ID verification process to validate its link to Israeli intelligence forces.

People were enraged by this revelation, considering that their personal information including selfies and government-issued IDs, are now in the hands of Israel which store them for up to 30 days.

Even though the data collected from a user’s profile is claimed to be used for “the purpose of safety and security, including preventing impersonation,” many X users vehemently object to the choice of an Israeli-based company, given that many data breaches have been reported in the past.

In the 1980s and 1990s, AU10TIX assisted in the development of identity verification systems for airports and border controls before extending into what it refers to as “digital spaces” in 2002 with the growth of the internet. It now has several high-profile clients, including Uber, PayPal, and Google, according to Aljazeera.

Au10tix is the technological branch of Dutch security firm ICTS International, which was founded by former members of the Shin Bet intelligence agency, which is one of the three branches of Israeli intelligence, alongside Aman and Mossad.

“This app is not what I thought it was,” said an X user, stressing that if the report that the Israeli company AU10TIX software is in charge of the verification process on the platform is correct, then “Elon Musk is a snake in the grass.”

This conclusion was based on Musk’s endorsement of freedom of speech and previous posts that many view as anti-Semitic.

Another one said that “Au10tix is headquartered in Tel Aviv. All are Israelis, stealing your ID straight to the Mossad.”

Another X user said, “Remember when Elon Musk was “invited” to visit the Zionist state of Israel? Not surprising.” Another one shared the list of brands investing in Israel, and said, “Shouldn’t Twitter/X be added to this list? Your data is being sent to Israeli firm (AU10TIX) for ‘verification’,” ironically added, “They won’t do anything bad with it.” In August, a similar wave of outcry swept across social media as reports emerged about premium users of X being charged for verification services offered by AU10TIX.

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