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The Lying ‘Narrative’ Asks You to Believe that Global Deaths Would Have Been 40% Higher Without the Fake Vaccines

In recent years just shy of 60 million have died globally each year. Our World in Data reports that in 2021 about 3.5 million people globally died from Covid.

Imperial College London’s claim that 20 million people were ‘saved’ during 2021 by the rollout of the vaccines has been repeated across the media and by governments worldwide; most people accept this as a ‘fact’. It’s a fundamental part of ‘the Narrative’.

Add 3.5 million ‘Covid’ deaths to the 20 million ‘saved’ from a Covid death and you have 23.5 million ‘Covid’ deaths that Imperial et al. anticipated would have occurred in 2021 sans the vaccine. That’s more than 40% of all global all-cause deaths!

Let’s just subject Imperial’s claim to a quick ‘sniff’ test. For just three weeks in mid-May 2020, before the arrival of any vaccines or much by way of therapeutics at all, cumulative all-cause excess deaths in the U.K. (according to the Hallett Inquiry, one of the worst hit countries) reached a peak of 20% (Figure 1). The figure then fell back to around 10%.

Of course, in 2020 we faced a novel(ish) virus with a naïve(ish) population. Even so, at no point did cumulative excess deaths in the U.K. approach anywhere near the 40% that Imperial’s research suggests would have been maintained across all countries, sustained for a whole year!

Estimates of total deaths linked to World War Two tend to be in the region of 70 million. Over the six years of the war this equates to about 12 million per year. Imperial’s claim that vaccines averted 23.5 million Covid deaths in 2021 would have you believe that, had it not been for the vaccines we would have seen twice the WW2 annual fatality level in 2021.

If you think you’ve read a recent article by me covering this same topic you’d be right. However, I missed some key data, which I hope this article will make up for.

My previous article made something of a ripple on social media, with Toby’s tweet of it reaching around 70,000 people.

It generated lots of comments. One came from Stephen Janitor, who pointed out that I should have set Imperial’s claim against global all-cause mortality to illustrate just how ludicrous it truly is. He was so right!

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