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China’s Plan To Build Global Technocracy Using Artificial Intelligence

The State Council issued the
Notice of the Development Plan for the New Generation of Artificial Intelligence,
Guofa [2017] No. 35

The people’s governments of all provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government, all ministries and commissions of the State Council, and all agencies directly under the State Council:

The “New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan” is now issued to you, please implement it conscientiously.

State Council

July 8, 2017

(This article is released to the public)

New generation artificial intelligence development plan

The rapid development of artificial intelligence will profoundly change human social life and the world. In order to seize the major strategic opportunities for the development of artificial intelligence, build my country’s first-mover advantage in the development of artificial intelligence, and accelerate the construction of an innovative country and a world science and technology power, this plan is formulated in accordance with the deployment requirements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council.

1. Strategic Situation

The development of artificial intelligence has entered a new stage. After more than 60 years of evolution, especially driven by new theories and technologies such as mobile Internet, big data, supercomputing, sensor networks, and brain science, as well as the strong demand for economic and social development, artificial intelligence has accelerated its development, showing deep learning, Cross-border integration, human-machine collaboration, open crowd intelligence, autonomous control and other new features. Big data-driven knowledge learning, cross-media collaborative processing, human-computer collaboration to enhance intelligence, group integrated intelligence, and autonomous intelligent systems have become the focus of the development of artificial intelligence. Brain-like intelligence inspired by the results of brain science research is ready to go, and it will be chip-based and hardware-based. The trend of platformization has become more obvious, and the development of artificial intelligence has entered a new stage. At present, the overall advancement of the development of new-generation artificial intelligence-related disciplines, theoretical modeling, technological innovation, and software and hardware upgrades is triggering a chain of breakthroughs and promoting the accelerated leap from digitalization and networking to intelligence in all economic and social fields.

Artificial intelligence has become a new focus of international competition. Artificial intelligence is a strategic technology that will lead the future. The world’s major developed countries regard the development of artificial intelligence as a major strategy to enhance national competitiveness and safeguard national security. They have stepped up the introduction of plans and policies and strengthened deployment around core technologies, top talents, standards and regulations, etc. Strive to take the lead in the new round of international scientific and technological competition. At present, my country’s national security and international competition situation is more complex. We must look at the world, put the development of artificial intelligence at the national strategic level, plan systematically and proactively, firmly grasp the strategic initiative of international competition in the new stage of artificial intelligence development, and create new competitive advantages. Open up new space for development and effectively ensure national security.

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