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Open Letter From UK Funeral Director John O’Looney, To The ‘Covid’ Enquiry

Dear Baroness/covid enquiry team

I write with growing concern about the covid enquiry and it missing key elements that are very relevant to any legitimate enquiry – facts not being talked about or presented.


As a funeral director working throughout this pandemic and its response my testimony is very relevant and it should be heard.

It concerns me deeply that I am not aware of a single funeral professional who has spoken or given testimony and I would like to do so as I am and have been on the “coal face” during this pandemic.

I have much to say that is relevant


I have had grave concerns from very early that the “pandemic” was announced and I have voiced those concerns widely and great efforts have been made to silence me from speaking.

I now relay these concerns to you as a funeral director of 18 years in the hope that there is a force for good within this enquiry who will listen.


I have been a funeral director for 18 years as mentioned, 7 of those years were spent working for the coroner on recovery of deceased.

As a funeral director I was initially very scared when covid was first announced, but I soon began to see through the propaganda for several reasons I realised we were not being told the truth.


For example there were no excess deaths throughout 2020 in our funeral home or any other I spoke to, except for a very brief three week period in March and April of 2020 and these were, very strangely exclusively in care homes.

Remember I place these people into coffins , so I know.


This brief “first wave” happened at the same time that up to 1000% more midazolam was purchased – and all used in these care homes and hospitals… There is a clear paper trail of public expenditure that confirms that and this was across the country.

People do not die exclusively in care homes, its impossible, unless its orchestrated to happen.


Then around March of 2020 I received a phone call from a man called John, he told me he worked for a government sponsored company and I believe it was called “pandemic resilience”.

He announced his job was to collate the numbers and that his job was to call all of the funeral directors and ask them a number of questions, he said he would be calling me every Monday “to gather the date” from me..

I asked him what he needed to know, I was happy to help – why would I not be.


He asked how many deceased I could hold in my funeral home

He asked how many I had collected that week and how many were covid dead.

I was of course happy to help and give him that info of course – why would I not want to help the “pandemic resilience team” …


But almost instantly he began steering me and labelling every death he could as a covid death, deaths that simply were not covid and he actually admitted it to me eventually that he was not seeing any covid deaths being conveyed to him by undertakers he was calling.


For example

Doctors and police had stopped attending deaths and we were told this was to protect them from covid…

So I was collecting deceased with no doctors having attended at all and I was being asked to “declare death”. (But then told by Thames valley police in an email we are all in it together)


As no doctors or police were in attendance and I knowing this pandemic resilience guy would call me each Monday, I was gathering as much information as I could , to be able to then relay this to him accurately.


One of the very first deaths I attended after he began calling me was a man who passed away in a local big care home.

The staff confirmed he had been a resident 5 years and had onset dementia and I found him in the foetal position as expected with dementia.

The family also confirmed this at the funeral arrangement meeting I had with them, it was indeed a dementia death and he had been there 5 years with it.

There was no doctor present, no police and no covid test done on him and I relayed this information to this pandemic guy John so he could accurately register it as a natural death and non covid.

Yet immediately this pandemic resilience man John insisted over the phone that he had to put him down as a covid death.

I asked him why he was doing that

He told me that he had been informed that a single resident  in this huge local care home had tested positive for covid and had subsequently gone on to die (as is expected in any care home) but that he had been instructed from that point to label every subsequent death in that care home as a covid death regardless of it being covid or not.

He was under orders to do so and I was made aware of huge sums of money being paid for these covid labelled deaths.

Why was this happening ? Lets look at why in this enquiry

I could not believe what I was hearing and even the guy himself agreed it was ridiculous – but he kept doing it throughout 2020

This went on throughout 2020 non stop – the labelling of people as covid dead who simply were not.

What it meant ultimately was there were little actual excess deaths at all, but loads of covid labelled deaths – deaths that simply were not from covid.

I was myself washing and dressing all of these people without a mask the whole time (because you cannot work in a mask and it does nothing against a virus)

Some of these people I was collecting whilst still very warm because is was in attendance of them very quickly, because doctors were authorising us to attend over the phone and not attending  – so I was on scene often within minutes of their deaths in some cases.

How is it possible we survived?

By the end of 2020, after 8 months of constant calls every Monday from this government sponsored “pandemic resilience” team who were openly admitting to relabelling people as covid I took one last calling October of 2020

This guy John openly admitted to me he did not know why he was doing this job , because every funeral director he spoke to all said the same thing – “there are no covid deaths” and if there were in fact covid deaths, I wondered why were the calls to funeral homes to gather the data suddenly instructed to stop ?

Id suggest it is because of the upcoming jabs and the fact people had already been convinced of the need to take them due to this orchestrated inflation of covid death numbers – that’s clearly all these calls were about, inflating covid death numbers.

I began to see through the lies.

Treatment of covid labelled deceased and what I saw and learned

Then I was also seeing a pattern in deceased who were coming in labelled as covid dead.

None of the people coming to me contracted covid outside of the hospital. None

They all had virtually the exact same story relayed to me by their families and it was this.

Mum had a water infection or a minor ailment but needed help

Mum went into hospital or was whisked off into hospital often when not even needing to go.

Mum was then spam tested with a PCR test (which is totally ridiculous), until they got a positive test please look at the actual science behind the PCR, the real science behind this and listen to the inventors testimony

Kary Mullis, the PCR inventor openly dismisses the CPR for detecting covid and no one seems able to even isolate it to prove its existence.

But again no one seems bothered about facts – only money.

Mum was  then moved to a covid ward and “treated” with several drugs

Remdesivir being the primarily one used, whilst they disregarded ivermectin and other treatments that were very effective.

Now lets look at Remdesivir and what the side effects of it are, bearing in mind that covid, we are told is a respiratory virus.

A good source to find this out is simply a goggle search for “side effects of Remdesivir”, it produces many publicly available search results but one that is as good as any is on

Here it is

Youll note “common side effects” that include

  1. Back pain
  2. chest tightness
  3. chills
  4. cough
  5. dark-colored urine
  6. difficulty swallowing
  7. fast heartbeat
  8. fever
  9. flushing
  10. headache
  11. hives, itching
  12. light-colored stools
  13. nausea and vomiting
  14. puffiness or swelling of the eyelids or around the eyes, face, lips, or tongue
  15. stomach pain, continuing
  16. trouble breathing
  17. unusual tiredness or weakness
  18. yellow eyes or skin (liver function)

Less common

  1. Seizures
  2. skin rash

Now I am no Doctor, but it doesn’t require  a doctorate to understand that this drug is anything BUT helpful to a respiratory patient.

It does not help them, in fact in generates covid dead and that’s exactly what it did.

When I was collecting these people from hospital there was one thing I noticed as well that disturbed me.

They were all in sealed body bags, and I was warned not to open them – but I disregarded that because I saw through it.

One thing that struck me was the very unusual amount of body fluids (Oedema) that were in these body bags, a huge amount I had never before seen in 18 years as an undertaker.

I took these people out of the body bags, I washed them and dressed them and gave their families time to say goodbye.

I did this because they were frankly treated appallingly – being banned form the hospitals or losing their loved ones over a zoom call. Unforgivable conduct by the NHS to my mind.

They were literally full of oedema fluid, bloated and even touching them left an imprint because they were so full of fluid – I had never seen anything like it before.

Remdesivir and AKI (kidney injury)

It transpires that the cocktails of drug’s they were being given that included Remdesivir was destroying their kidneys and this is turn meant the kidneys could not process fluids, and as such they were then filling up with those fluids and literally drowning.

As they drowned due to the failure of their kidneys and subsequent build up of Oedema they were placed on ventilators – and there is your respiratory illness. It was not covid or a positive PCR test killing them, it  was the “treatment” killing them on the back of a flawed PCR test.

Ventilators simply finish them off.

Other drugs used to “treat” those who had a positive PCR test whilst in hospital

Two other drugs that were used were Baricitnib and Tocilizumab and again the evidence is clear as shows these drugs were totally inappropriate for any respiratory patient – but they did generate “covid” deaths

Here are the links for those drugs and the side effects of them – remember these were given to respiratory patients.  = baricitinib

Note the difficulty breathing , chest wheezing etc    =  Tocilizumab

Note the difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing , dizziness amongst other common side effects


Please look through the list of common side effects for the “treatment” (I use the term treatment very loosely) of covid positive patients


Do you honestly believe that these drugs would help any respiratory patient ?


Could you openly defend the use of them to the public furnished with these facts ? If you can ill show you a unicorn



Because the bottom line is this – facts


Clinically are these drugs conducive to the recovery of a respiratory patient, a patient who was only given these drugs after testing positive on a non relevant PCR test after being admitted for a water infection and was actually totally “asymptomatic” for covid.


Its clearly insanity – but this is what is happening/has happened in british hospitals and it was fed by government policy and the greed of those being paid to follow it.



All these drugs did was generate covid labelled dead throughout 2020 and this meant that in 2021 a raft of rushed and pre made vaccines were touted to a clearly very worried and mis informed public.



The vaccine rollout took place


I realised by them that something was very very wrong and I began trying to warn people in mid 2020


But inevitably I was censored, silenced and ignored , in fact Reuters said I didn’t exist !


I can tell you I spoke from a very lonely place.



The government announced they were about to rollout a miracle vaccine, in record time… and my heart filled with dread because I knew in my heart that the death rate would soar the moment they rolled it out.

In fact I openly said so and again was called mad, a conspiracy theorist and ignored.


November and December of 2020 came and went and there were no more deaths than usual, in fact it was a bit quieter then 2019 – so were was this pandemic?


They then rolled out the vaccines in January of 2021, it was January 6th in my area.


Almost instantly the phone rang off the hook and the death rate soared, and every one of them was a vaccine recipient.

I know this because I made a point of asking the families if there mum or dad was vaccinated during the funeral arrangement and because of the pressure placed on us all to take them they were all very happy to tell me their loved ones status.


Id estimate the moment they rolled these vaccine out the death rate increased about 300%, it was a dark time and it was instantly labelled as a second wave of covid – it wasn’t.

It was 100% a combination of the vaccines and malfeasance under government policy in the hospitals administering the above mentioned “treatments” that finished them off.


I saw it first hand and I want to tell the enquiry the truth.


The death rate continued in the age groups injected as they rolled it out to younger and younger people as 2021 progressed.


Then we began seeing unnatural things inside people and a surge of young sudden deaths, thrombosis deaths seemed to be exploding in these young people


Thrombosis deaths and embalming

I had a young man in of just thirty who had not died of covid, but had “died suddenly” naturally he had been given a post mortem.

Now the family of this young man asked us to embalm him, he was just 30yo as mentioned, had a big social circle and as such they wanted him resented at his best – which is not unusual.


There are two types of death, expected and sudden unexpected


Expected is someone who is terminally ill for example and unexpected would be a sudden heart attack or car accident for example, an unexpected death where a coroner in then involved


There are two types of embalming we do as undertakers based on these different death types


The first is what is called a “straight case” or someone who has not had a post mortem.

For this we cut into the carotid artery and then use a pump to drive embalming fluid around the body of the deceased using the circulatory system.

This is the usual process for people who have died expectedly and have not been post mortemed


The second type of embalming is a post mortem case

This is where someone has died suddenly and has been given a post mortem by the coroner


During the post mortem process the body is cut open from just above the navel to just under the neckline, this is done by a coroner or pathologist or one of their team.

Often the head is cut open and the brain taken out for inspection testing etc.


The organs are also cut from the body, they take blocks and slide and test and inspect these organ’s and the idea is of course to ascertain the cause of death in that individual.


They then place the organs , and often the brain as well, back into the body cavity in a bag.

They then sew them up with very coarse stiches and they are released to us once they are satisfied they have the cause of death or evidence that will deduce the cause of death


As youll appreciate a post mortem is very invasive, as the organs are removed the blood vessels and arteries that supply them are cut and thus the circulatory system compromised.


The end result is that we cannot use the circulatory system to embalm these people in the same way we would a undisturbed “straight case” that was not post mortemed.

So in order to embalm someone who has been post mortemed we must undo the coarse stitching, remove the bag containing the organs from the body cavity and then target the severed arteries with the embalming fluid equipment and this involved literally putting a nozzle into a cut artery , that very much resembles a cut straw or pipe – as you’d expect.


Something unusual in this body

We noticed when we embalmed this young man that he had a large number of very unusual obstructions inside his arteries and some were so blocked that we could not insert the nozzle of the embalming pump to embalm him without first removing them.

So my embalmer, who is a BIE certified embalmer of 21 years, took his tweezers and held the obstruction and pulled at it to remove it.


To his horror this thrombosis went the full length of his leg down his femoral artery and it was not a normal blood clot, but a thick white rubbery substance we have never before seen.

In fact this young man was riddles with this throughout his body and his aorta was probably 85% blocked – it was crystal clear why he had died.


Blockages inside peoples circulatory system have a generalised term of thrombosis, its doesn’t matter what that blockage consists of, it is a generalised term.

It could be a regular blood clot or it could be a peanut, they are all labelled thrombosis.


We have never seen anything like this and throughout 2021 and 2022 we saw more and more people coming in full of this – every one of them was vaccinated with covid vaccines.

I have documented these and I am happy to supply both footage and pictures of them.


When I raised concerns

As a funeral director I have an obligation to raise concerns I have about any death as youll appreciate.

This is for two reasons

Firstly I have a legal obligation of course , as we all do.

IF for example I collect a deceased from the hosptial, and roll them on my mortuary tray and see a knife would or bullet hole I have to

When I raised my concerns to my local coroner I was ignored totally, when I escalated it to the chief coroner of England again I was ignored totally.


My local pathologist suggested it grows inside people post mortem – basically telling me that when you die, rubber grows throughout your arteries and veins…


This is total fantasy and reeks of desperation. I worked for the coroner for 7 years, so I am well aware of what is and isn’t normal.


The chief coroner of England also totally ignored me and after a second email sent CCing in many others I received a four word reply to solely me from his secretary


This is that reply and I quote   “we follow government policy” ….


Its probably the greatest admission of guilt without actually admitting anything.



Now I have a BIE registered embalmer who has done 21 years , I have numerous colleagues who see what I am seeing and we are being totally ignored.


I wondered why  and I voiced my concerns widely and publicly


I then started hearing from many other professionals who agreed with me, doctors, nurses, mortuary managers and more harrowingly the families of these victims who died after being vaccinated, some as little as minutes after.


There are many thousands that I am aware of and I suspect millions globally now.


They die form a range of conditions, heart attack and strokes (due to these clots) and cancers being the main causes.


Now these are historically natural deaths normally of course.


But in my 18 years I know the patterns and ages that these deaths should occur in. These people are young and the numbers are not natural and more worryingly they are all covid vaccinated.


I have taken the step of including a number of funeral professionals well versed in embalming into this email.


I want to know why this is not being discussed in this enquiry



A Meeting in Westminster

I then took a phone call at the funeral home in sept of 2021 and was invited to attend a meeting in Birdcage walk, Westminster.


It was an audience with Sir Graham Brady.


There were about 18 people present and they included many very well educated, respected and competent medical and scientific professionals

Present at this meeting were Prof Dolores Cahill, Dr Tess Lawrie, Dr Sucharit Bhakdhi, Dr Stephen Frost, Dr Sam White, Barrister Francis Hoare, the wonderful Mark Sexton, Lawyers Philip Hyland and Anna De Buisseret and others were present.


We all sat at a huge table and we were given a few minutes to outline our concerns to Sir Graham.


I spoke first and basically relayed the information I have written above.


I then sat back and listened intently as the others all spoke – and I was horrified not only at what was said by them , but by Sir Grahams reaction to it.


It was predicted by them that many vaccine recipients would be killed and maimed, they would die from cancers and thrombosis in huge numbers, they went into the mechanics behind it in terms we could understand and presented Sir Graham with reams and reams of paperwork and evidence to back up what they were saying. The numbers would soar post vaccine between years two and five.


These are not conspiracy theorists – these are world renowned experts


Sir Graham was sat ashen faced and he openly admitted there was nothing he could do as, in his own words “its above my pay grade, ill try to stop it,  but I cannot promise anything” and he simply left…



True to his word – nothing has happened, the rollout continued and now we see the excess death rate going through the roof as the birth rate has plummeted and death rate in babies and miscarriages had soared.


No one seems to care and nothing has been said about it in the “covid enquiry” when it is clearly the biggest issue about the whole thing, the welfare of the british people ?




I have spoken to many people, people that include police officers in senior positions and they tell me they cannot pursue anyone for this due to them being briefed as it being classed as a matter of “national security” and this is because when people find out what has been done to them there will be mass civil unrest and possibly civil war and who could blame the public for that after what has been done to them – it’s a criminal act.


It is interesting because this was more or less put to Sir Graham at that meeting and he actually agreed and said that the government were busy preparing and I would suggest that this is the reason these huge new prisons have suddenly become a priority, even in the middle of a massive engineered economic downturn and pandemic..




Now I am more then happy to attend the covid enquiry and give my testimony if asked to do so – I hope you will take me up on that offer, though I doubt very much it will happen sadly.


But I could not sit here watching this puppet show without emailing in to vent my feeling’s and anger to you and give you the chance to hear me and perhaps consider these truths.



The reality is that the public deserve the right to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and the ministers who facilitated this deserve to face the consequences of what they have and have not done.



No doubt a raft of “recommendations” will be made at the conclusion of this “covid enquiry” and I can tell you what those recommendations will be right now.


Because my feeling is that this is simply designed to illustrate to us all how utterly incompetent these ministers were, without any mention of criminality when it is clear to me that there is a great deal of criminality that has taken place.


It will be made clear that these ministers are not up to the task of handling pandemics and that “seasoned professionals” should be brought in to do so… the WHO…


This is simply an exercise that will lead to “recommendations” and those will include ushering in the WHO and seeing the need to lock us all down harder and faster for the next one we all know is being orchestrated to happen.


Then they will deploy a “health corp” no doubt of young men, the young men being actively ushered in under guise of being “lost at sea” by our own home office and being housed in every scrap of accommodation and now openly on military and Air bases whilst our own veterans often sleep in carboard boxes or doorways – it is indefensible.


I struggle to understand most the mindset of those paid to protect us facilitating this.


Do they  not realise that our future is also theirs ?



Now we will all leave a legacy here form this period in time, what will your legacy be? Ive sewn mine.

Some will be remembered for all the right reasons and some for all the wrong reasons and goodness and truth will prevail.

Let me tell you it has gotten to the stage they this puppet show enquiry is fooling very few people now and a growing number of very angry people see through the veil and it is a numbers game as we all know.

Your losing the public now and that number is growing – they know the truth as they watch their children and loved ones die around them after being poisoned.

Now I believe that people – MP’s included, for the most part are honourable and mostly good, but we have many good people suddenly doing very bad things – it is not too late yet to redeem yourselves and be on the right side of history, regardless of the outcome.

I look forward to hearing from you in due course, I wont hold my breath, but I want you to know I KNOW and I see through you.

But there must be a force for good left in those chambers – a force with a moral compass, integrity and some backbone and fundamentally good, someone their ancestors would be actually proud of.

I hope that is you

We will all be held accountable ultimately for the things we do in this short life – yourselves  included.

I hope for all our sakes you make the right decision moving forward.

I am here should the enquiry wish to speak to me, ive been trying to get someone to listen now for three years hoping someone in a position of power would actually be a force for good and care even a shred about other people, sadly I have yet to see it.


John O’Looney

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