Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 21 December 2023

I have been warning about the theme of this new Ickonic show for decades now. The artificial wombs described by Aldous Huxley in Brave New World are linked to the creation of Human 2.0 – the non-procreating, technology-produced, far more synthetic human (hence SYNTHETIC mRNA in the ‘Covid’ fake vaccines, plus other sources being introduced all the time, and the emergence of synthetic biology – ‘SynBio’ – as a major new area of science)

Many things can be explained by this and these are only some that I have long described in detail in my books:

1) The marginalisation of men (toxic masculinity) and now increasingly women (as I said was coming when they started on men). Neither are required with a technologically-produced androgynous Human 2.0.

2) The catastrophic fall in sperm counts across the world is the phasing out of Human 1.0.

3) The sudden explosion of the transgender movement that now infiltrates every part of society – before you can move to a male-female fusion and a no-gender human there must be a CON-fusion of the perception of gender.

4) The young today will be the adults when this is planned full-blown and so they are the biggest targets of gender CON-fusion, not least in the schools.

5) Transgender activism and imposition is only an interim stage to the NO-gender human. Transgender activists and the ‘Woke’ are being played.

6) Self-replicating nanotechnology in synthetic mRNA jabs is changing the nature of the human body. Those who cannot make this transition are those the jab is killing.

7) Human 2.0 is designed to be fully-connected to the electromagnetic ‘Cloud’ of 5G/6G/7G being generated from towers and globally from the low-orbit satellite system of Musk’s SpaceX and others.

8) Human 2.0 will therefore become a hive-mind through a brain connection to the Cloud and AI – see Musk’s Neuralink and far more sophisticated self-replicating nanotechnology (the ‘Covid’ jabs) designed to connect humans to the Cloud.

9) Hence Google ‘futurist’ executive Ray Kurzweil says that once this connection is made AI will do more and more of human thinking until human perception as we know it will be ‘negligible’ (he means eventually deleted).

10) The war on parenthood through Cult-controlled social services, and the seizing of staggering numbers of children by the State for utterly spurious reasons, are stepping-stones to the end of parenthood with the non-procreating, technologically-produced, human.

11) Children would then be brought up by the State from ‘birth’ as described by insider Huxley along with his World State Hatcheries and artificial ‘wombs’. See my book Everything You Need To Know But Have Never Been Told for the detailed background –

The Dream

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