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Gestapo raided homes in New Normal Germany as part of the Third European Day of Action Against Hate Crimes

In April 2022, during the second EU-wide joint action day against “hate crime,” supported by Europol’s European Counter Terrorism Centre, law enforcement authorities raided multiple locations across Europe and targeted 176 people concerning offences such as dissemination of racist and xenophobic hate speech, calls to violence, and incitement to commit offences.

On 14 December 2023, the third European Action Day took place.  Coordinated by Europol, law enforcement agencies again took action against “hate crimes” in several European countries. 

Germany, France, Austria, Romania, Slovakia and Spain participated in the 2023 Action Day.  A total of over 170 police measures were carried out in the participating countries, a press release stated. More than 120 of these were carried out in Germany with more than 50 apartments searched and various interrogations carried out.

Being a victim of the “New Normal Germany,” CJ Hopkins can give a personal insight into what these “police measures” are all about and what crimes are included as “hate crimes.”

In August, CJ Hopkins was sent a “punishment order” and a choice: 60 days or 3,600 euros.  His crime? Insulting the German health minister in a tweet, and using a scarcely-visible image of a Swastika on a mask in a book critical of the global pandemic response.

He is currently preparing for this thoughtcrime trial in January 2024 and in doing so provides some updates on what is happening, not just in Germany, but in other countries as well regarding the Gestapo’s clamp-down on comparisons made between current regimes and the Nazis.

Below is what Hopkins calls his Christmas article.  He hopes to do a wrap-up of 2023 after Christmas provided the Thought Police don’t “come down the chimney and haul [him] off to some hate-criminal black site.”

So, I’m working on my year-end wrap-up piece, and preparing for my thoughtcrime trial in January, and getting my affairs squared away in case I get a visit from the New Normal Gestapo, which is currently raiding the homes of “criminals” like me here in Germany and other European countries, and … well, it’s all going a little more slowly than I had hoped.

I had planned to get my traditional “Year of Something” essay out before Christmas, and recuperate for the rest of the year, but that’s probably not going to happen now.

So, I wanted to fill you in on a few developments here in New Normal Germany, and wish you a Merry Christmas, or a belated Happy Hanukkah, or whatever, and thank you again for your support this year.

I’m going to try to just dash this off without my usual obsessive attention to prosody and forgo any longwinded, pseudo-intellectual digressions about “reality,” and so on, because I figure you’re busy with your own holiday-season stuff. You may want to at least skim this post, though, because the increasingly totalitarian developments here in Europe might be “coming soon to a country near you.”

Ready? OK, here we go …

My attorney just sent me a link to a press release from Das Bundeskriminalamt (BKI), i.e., “The Federal Criminal Police Office of Germany,” detailing their participation in “The Third European Action Against Hate Crime Day.” The German police have been raiding the homes of persons suspected of “sedition,” “the use of unconstitutional symbols” – e.g., using a swastika on a book cover, the crime I am facing trial for – and other so-called “hate crimes.” Almost half of these raids stem from reports of “hate postings on the Internet.”

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