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5 Benefits of Hiring a Defense Attorney Rather Than Going It Alone

Did you know more than 7.3 million arrests were made in the U.S. for all offenses in 2022? 

If you’re placed under arrest and asked to confirm your identity, you’re legally obligated to comply. But beyond verifying who you are, exercise your right to remain silent until you hire a lawyer. Nothing good can come from flapping your gums without legal representation.

Facing criminal charges is no laughing matter. That’s why you need to find a reputable law firm. You might wish to skip the lawyer and represent yourself. But what might work in scripts played out on the big or small screens will be a recipe for courtroom disaster in real life. 

Check out these five reasons to hire a criminal defense lawyer when facing criminal charges.

  1. Criminal Defense Attorneys Know the Law

Have you ever heard the saying that a doctor who treats himself has a fool for a patient? The same principle applies to a person who, facing criminal charges, chooses to represent himself. 

When facing charges, you need a trained lawyer experienced in practicing law. Facing criminal charges means potentially facing years or decades in jail or other penalties. Hiring a criminal defense lawyer will increase your odds of achieving a favorable outcome.

  1. Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Save Your Bacon

You might be tempted to represent yourself to save money. But not hiring a criminal defense attorney when you need one can cost you more than you ever imagined. You must consider the potential loss of your freedom, job, and reputation. The stakes are indeed high. 

With so much to lose, you need help from a legal professional. The judge won’t handle you with kid gloves just because you’ve decided to shoulder responsibility for your defense.

  1. Criminal Defense Attorneys Understand Court Etiquette

When it comes to operating in a courtroom, proper etiquette is vital. Lawyers understand the processes and procedures and the dos and don’ts. While it might be tempting to represent yourself, you could wind up shooting yourself in the foot with avoidable missteps. 

You won’t have to worry about offending the judge or impeding the case if you hire a lawyer. An experienced criminal defense lawyer will know how and when to address the court. You can also count on the legal professional to clue you in on what you should and shouldn’t do in court.

  1. Criminal Defense Attorneys Understand Deadlines

A criminal defense attorney will know and abide by deadlines. You need to understand deadlines relating to things like the following:

  • Filing motions
  • Serving opposing parties
  • Appealing court orders

Missing even one deadline can derail your case and lead to dire legal consequences. It makes sense to retain the services of a legal professional.

  1. Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Get Expert Witnesses

A criminal defense lawyer can find the right expert witnesses to help strengthen your case. The legal professional will know what types of experts to bring on board and how to contact them. 

If you represent yourself and don’t find expert witnesses, you may hurt your cause. Remember, too, that expert witnesses don’t volunteer their assistance. Their help will come at a price.

Bonus: The Other Side Has Criminal Lawyers

Another reason to retain a criminal defense lawyer rather than represent yourself is you can be sure that the opposing side has a professional legal team. Do you want to go toe-to-toe in the courtroom with lawyers out to get you convicted? You need a criminal defense lawyer to build a solid case and help you get the best possible outcome.

These are five reasons why hiring a criminal defense attorney beats representing yourself. With so much at stake, it’s in your best interests to get a legal professional in your corner.

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