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No words possible: Family who ‘doused bride in chemicals’ and ‘force-fed her pills’ that left her in a vegetative state because she ‘failed to meet their expectations’ after she was flown from Pakistan for arranged marriage are convicted of abuse

Family members were today convicted of the sinister physical abuse of an arranged marriage bride flown from Pakistan who has been in a persistent vegetative state for eight years.

Ambreen Fatima Sheikh can breathe unaided but has suffered ‘irretrievable’ brain damage that has left her with no consciousness of the world around her.

A court heard that Ambreen may have been the victim of a possible ‘torture’ with a chemical substance, and there may have also been an attempt to kill her with a dangerous drug.

However, exactly what happened behind the closed doors remains uncertain because the family closed ranks and none of them gave evidence in their defence at Leeds Crown Court.

Before joining her husband in Britain, Ambreen was said to be a well-educated ‘happy-go-lucky’ young woman. But she spoke little English and once in Huddersfield she barely left the house. Next door neighbours revealed they had no idea she was even living there for nine months.

The court heard the probable explanation for the 38-year-old’s condition was that she had unwillingly swallowed tablets prescribed to her diabetic mother-in-law that resulted in a hypoglycaemic attack.

Such tablets are extremely dangerous if taken by non-diabetics and have been dubbed ‘one pill killers’ to small children.

The prosecution said that the tablets were not taken voluntarily and by then the socially isolated and vulnerable Ambreen had suffered a ‘pattern of violence’ behind the closed doors of the terraced house in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire that she shared with her husband, parents-in-law and brother and sister-in-law.

A large black wound on her lower back was said to have been caused by a caustic chemical substance in the days before Ambreen was rushed to hospital in an unconscious state. The chemical probably also caused an injury to her ear, the court heard.

Anyone in the household not involved in the physical abuse would have realised she was at risk but taking her to A&E would have led to questions being asked and an investigation.

Police were alerted when hospital doctors feared Ambreen’s injuries could be suspicious. Nurses were also concerned she was ‘malnourished’ and ‘unkempt’ in appearance.

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