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New Documentary Reveals US Government Has Been Treating Select Americans Injured by ‘Covid’ Fake Vaccines

Vaccines have been controversial for decades.  Of course, Covid-19 vaccines have been especially controversial because of the way they were (and still are) being so strongly encouraged and/or mandated and because recipients of all ages were (and still are) having severe and sometimes fatal reactions to them.  A new documentary exposes more disturbing details.

Unseen Crisis

The number of people suffering problems after Covid vaccines continues to grow as researchers learn more about how to diagnose and treat the lingering illnesses. A new documentary, “The Unseen Crisis,” examines the stories of some who got their shots, doctors vilified when they tried to help, and allegations that the government has long been quietly treating a select few of the injured.

Watch Here: Unseen Crisis 

Film clip/Patient: One doctor’s appointment, I just had what seemed like an inflamed wrist, and the next one I was numb up to my back. That’s the first time the doctor was like, “You have a problem way bigger than your wrist. Like you need to get your brain checked out.” The next day, I went paralyzed in my right leg.

Film clip/Patient: So seven days after the vaccine, I had gotten so bad that they placed my on the ventilator for the first time to be able to breathe. So that was kind of the first start of it.

Film clip: This is a disease that has to come out of the shadows.

Cindy Drukier is a producer of “The Unseen Crisis.”

Sharyl: How did you first learn there was this population of what you’re calling “the unseen”?

Cindy Drukier: Soon after the vaccine rollout, there started to be stories emerging, you know, on Twitter, people posting their own stories, or here and there, of people who are having a bad reaction to the vaccine. But the other side of it is what happened when they tried to share about it. Even just posting on Twitter, “Hey, this is happening,” or whatever social media, to try to find, “Are there other people who are having the same thing? What do you know about it?” Getting censored, getting called, you know, “misinformationists.”

Sharyl: Was there an organized effort to make sure when people spoke of this, that they got controversialized or censored?

Drukier: It was so consistent, that, to them, they’re like, it could only have been sort of an organized effort. Why would all the social media platforms silence our stories? Why would Facebook, when we have a support group, and they’re just talking about their own personal stories and trying to get best practices, share advice, learn more about it, you know, tens of thousands of people get shut down by Facebook? Why?

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