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Lunatics: US doctors are wrongly slicing off bits of babies’ TONGUES ‘to make breastfeeding easier’ and leaving them with life-long deformities, investigation finds

Doctors across the US are rushing families into having their babies’ tongues partly sliced off to make breastfeeding easier, an investigation has warned.

Known as ‘tongue tie surgery’, the involves using a laser to burn off excess skin under the tongue or the webbing that connects the lips and cheeks.

It is supposed to be used on babies with a genuine defect that prevents them from feeding properly but medical professionals have become increasingly liberal with prescribing it, despite around 60 percent of infants getting better without surgery.

The rate of surgeries performed ballooned by 800 percent between 1997 and 2012 fromaround 1,280 procedures to more than 12,000, with doctors and breastfeeding consultants are raking in millions of dollars annually.

In some cases, the procedure causes severe lasting pain in infants as well as difficulty eating, resulting in malnourishment that can require them to be hooked up to feeding tubes.

A number of doctors told a New York Times investigation that ,….. t a money grab by dentists and lactation experts who are subject to extremely little government oversight.

Surgery to release tongue ties – a condition in which an unusually short, thick, or tight band of tissue tethers the bottom of the tongue’s tip to the floor of the mouth – involves lasering away that band of tissue.

It has become a niche industry that, in some cases, brings in millions of dollars annually to dentists to perform the quick procedures for around $600 to $900 a pop on babies to ease breastfeeding.

Money is also passed along to the breastfeeding counselors who refer parents to doctors.

One of those lactation counselors is Idaho-based Melanie Henstrom, who, according to the New York Times has received several complaints from her clients and healthcare workers for aggressively pushing the procedure that is not always medically necessary.

The International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners has received at least three complaints about Ms Henstrom since 2020, including one from pediatric physical therapist Kelly Strickland, who said: ‘I was getting referred to parents who were uncomfortable, who went in for follow-up and said it was traumatic, that she pushed so hard on their baby’s mouth.’

Ms Henstrom has been known to recommend the procedure to mothers on Facebook without ever seeing the babies in person and has allegedly worsened babies’ pain by rooting around in their mouths and increasing pressure where the surgery was performed.

She also insisted to apprehensive parents that, without the surgery, their babies would never breastfeed again or eat solid foods.

But in reality, the procedure can result in a baby losing its ability to use his tongue to extract breast milk and eat solid food.

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