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7 ADHD Products That Actually Work

Navigating life with ADHD poses distinctive obstacles in handling time, staying organised, and reducing distractions. Fortunately, a myriad of purpose-built products exist to aid in surmounting these challenges. In this blog, you’ll discover seven meticulously crafted ADHD products renowned for their efficacy in smoothing the path through daily life.

1. Tile Trackers

If you’re prone to misplacing keys, wallets, or other essential items, Tile Mate will be a lifesaver. This tiny Bluetooth tracker pairs with a smartphone app, enabling users to ring their Tile to locate misplaced items or check their last-known location on a map. Its simplicity and reliability make it an invaluable tool for those who frequently forget where they left their belongings.

2. Body Doubling

When we talk about the management of ADHD, we must mention the concept of body doubling. Where a companion works alongside an adult with ADHD to create a focused atmosphere is an invaluable technique, fostering accountability and concentration rather than a specific product.

3. Bullet Journal

The Bullet Journal is a versatile and customisable organisational system that accommodates tasks, events, and thoughts. Its adaptability allows users to create to-do lists, track habits, and jot down notes in a manner that suits their unique needs. This systematic approach to journaling helps individuals structure their thoughts and tasks, aiding in better organisation and focus.

4. Legend Planner

Offering structured layouts for goal setting, time blocking, and reflection, the Legend Planner assists users in breaking down goals into manageable steps. With pre-designed templates, this planner helps individuals schedule tasks effectively and focus on their priorities. Its structured format supports users in planning and executing tasks, reducing the overwhelm often experienced by those with ADHD.

5. Gravity Weighted Blanket

Stress management is crucial for people with ADHD. The Gravity Weighted Blanket applies gentle, even pressure, offering a comforting sensation that reduces anxiety and promotes relaxation. By improving sleep quality and overall well-being, this blanket aids in managing stress, providing a sense of calmness and aiding individuals in maintaining focus throughout the day.

6. Ono Roller

The Ono Roller is a handheld massager designed to ease tension and stress. Its compact size allows for convenient use wherever and whenever needed, whether at home or on the go. This tactile stimulation tool provides a sensory outlet, helping people alleviate stress and improve focus, particularly when overwhelmed or distracted.

7. White Noise Machine

Minimising distractions is essential for maintaining focus. A White Noise Machine creates a consistent, soothing sound that masks background noises, creating a conducive work, study, or relaxation environment. By drowning out distractions, this machine aids adults with ADHD in concentrating better, ultimately enhancing productivity and focus.

A Final Note 

The previously listed products represent only a fraction of the available resources for managing ADHD. Countless additional apps and tools cater to various aspects of ADHD symptom management. Apps such as Habitica, designed as a gamified task manager, and Focus@Will, offering curated music for concentration, stand out for their effectiveness. Tools like Evernote and Trello provide versatile digital organisational platforms, enabling users to structure tasks and ideas seamlessly. These tools and products, among many others, contribute significantly to mitigating ADHD symptoms and enhancing productivity in daily life.


Managing ADHD involves finding strategies and tools that cater to specific challenges. By incorporating these tools into daily routines, people can better manage tasks, organise their time effectively, reduce stress, and improve their quality of life.


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