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Beauty Mogul Liz Earle Exposes Lockdown’s Toll on the Vulnerable

Beauty entrepreneur Liz Earle has spoken out against the effects of lockdown on vulnerable communities in a new report from the Centre for Social Justice. Here’s an excerpt from her sit-down with Eleanor Mills in the Telegraph:

She’s the queen of wellbeing and author of 35 books on how to live our best life, who sold her eponymous Liz Earle beauty company to Avon in 2010, who then sold it to the owner of high-street chemist Boots in 2015 for £140 million.

So why has Liz Earle spent much of the past few months researching the impacts of lockdown on Britain’s most deprived communities for a landmark Two Nations report for the Centre for Social Justice, with “big cheeses” (as she describes them) including Lord King (former head of the Bank of England) and political grandees from Iain Duncan Smith to Andy Burnham and Miriam Cates?

“I’m not political with a capital P, but I do feel passionately that we should never be locked down again,” she says, Christmas lights shimmering behind her as an open fire roars. “I have worked with the Centre for Social Justice for years; my charity LiveTwice, which gives people a second chance, has supported their work with small charities and I can see that the consequences of lockdown have been disastrous – particularly for children and women and the poorest in our society.”

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