Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 17 December 2023

The Nonsense Claim That ‘Covid’ Fake Vaccines Saved 20 Million Lives

Daily Sceptic Editor Will Jones wrote a piece this week concerning an article in the Lancet highlighting the high level of deaths occurring particularly among young and middle-aged people from causes such as heart failure, cirrhosis and diabetes.

Will pointed to an article in the Mail about the Lancet article, which to me seemed little more than a rehash something I wrote almost two months ago using exactly the same data from the same sources. However, if you read my article you’ll appreciate that the situation is rather worse than that presented in the Lancet or Mail due to the high level of ‘death inflation’ that mortality statistics have been subject to in recent years.

Nonetheless, the conclusions of the Mail and Lancet were similar to mine in that we all suggested that perhaps someone should be asking “why are all these extra deaths occurring?”

Unlike the Mail or Lancet, though, I would not wish to dismiss the idea that the vaccines might have something to do with the 26% increase in ‘expected’ deaths from heart failure since 2020 and the actual deaths from heart failure in 2023.

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