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German public broadcaster airs report on fake vaccines ‘contaminated’ with DNA on prime-time TV

On Tuesday in its programme ‘Umschau’ (English: Review) German public broadcaster Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (“MDR”) aired a report ‘Corona vaccine under criticism – What’s the truth?’. It cast a spotlight on the serious issue of DNA that has been found in covid injections and it was aired during prime-time viewing.

Umschau’s report began:  “We are in a private laboratory in Magdeburg. Professor Brigitte König is investigating corona vaccines here. The result: all samples are contaminated. With foreign DNA, which does not belong in the vaccine in this quantity.”

For some, Umschau’s report has been a bitter pill to swallow.  A devout Covidian wrote bitterly in Altpapier: “Presents are actually not until the weekend after next, but the German anti-vaccination scene has already received its Christmas present. Unfortunately, it was delivered by the MDR, namely on Tuesday in prime time in the program ‘Umschau’.”

The Covidian then went on to denigrate Prof. König, those who have publicised Prof. König’s findings such as the World Council for Health,  people who promoted Umschau’s report and the contents of the report.

The author is a man named René Martens who is a freelance journalist and writer for Altpapier, Germany’s oldest media watch blog.  The title of his article is ‘Premature gifts for anti-vaxxers’ and is worth the read to get a feel of how frightened Covidians are of the truth and the lengths they will go to defend their false narrative.  His article also contains some useful links.

Umschau’s report is in German however, Aussie17 obtained a copy with English subtitles.  Below is Aussie17’s commentary on and including Umschau’s report.

You can read a transcript of the video in English on Twitter HERE.

The DNA levels found exceeded the World Health Organisation (“WHO”) limits, raising significant concerns over the safety of the vaccine used in global mass vaccination efforts.

The research highlighted that the least contaminated batch contained foreign DNA 83 times over the WHO’s limit, while the most contaminated batch had DNA levels 354 times above the safety threshold. These startling results have intensified scrutiny over mRNA vaccines’ production and regulatory oversight.

Dr. Jürgen Kirchner pressed for the vaccine’s withdrawal under a specific clause in the Medicines Act, which mandates the removal of questionable products from the market. Kirchner presented these findings to the Bundestag’s Petitions Committee in September 2023.

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