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Doncaster’s Tory MP Nick Fletcher was vilified by the Left for saying the city was ‘full’ during Commons migration debate this week… So, were locals equally outraged? Take a wild guess

He has been branded a racist and a Nazi, not to mention a threat to society of such depravity that the accusations cannot be printed in a family newspaper.

Were Nick Fletcher to look himself up on whatever they are calling Twitter this week, he would find himself being crucified, albeit by the usual suspects — the Left-wing commentariat, Labour tribalists and a few genuine foam-flecked nutters.

For the Conservative MP for Don Valley — one of the three parliamentary seats within the borough of Doncaster — had the temerity to stand up in the House of Commons this week and utter a grave heresy. Opening his speech to MPs, he began: ‘Doncaster is full’. And then the jeers began.

Speaking during the preliminary debate on the Rwanda Bill, Mr Fletcher went on to broaden his speech across the entire spectrum of immigration — both legal and illegal.

He was well aware of the likely response from the benches opposite. ‘I often get challenged,’ he went on, ‘when I say as a Christian that Doncaster is full. But I do not think it is very Christian to put people in boats who will, sadly, sometimes fall.

‘I do not think it is Christian to promise people a life in this country when we do not have the services for them.

‘I do not think it is Christian to take the best people from developing countries because we do not train our own in this country.

‘I do not think it is Christian when my constituents have to put up with immigration at the level it is at.’

There was more — much more — including allegations about the knock-on effects of immigration on NHS waiting times, the explosion of HMOs (houses in multiple occupation) and overcrowded schools — all relayed to him by despairing Doncastrians.

He continued: ‘We have Left-wing lawyers making six-figure salaries calling me and people like me ‘awful’. We have TV pundits on seven-figure salaries, paid by my constituents through TV licences, again calling me ‘awful’.’

Mr Fletcher urged these critics to move to Doncaster and live the reality of life there. They would find parts of the town becoming ‘a ghetto’, he said.

He painted a picture of young families saving up to buy a home only to find that ‘you are living next door to an HMO and there are comings and goings at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning, with people outside smoking.

‘The grass does not get cut any more, the windows do not get cleaned any more and, unfortunately, you feel too scared to let your child play out in the garden any more. The only protection is a lock on the door.’

On occasion, his address veered off into a saloon-bar rant as he blamed the woes of the NHS on the fact that ‘people do not speak English in these places any more’, without specifying whether he was referring to staff or the patients. He offered no hard evidence for these incendiary charges.

The Opposition benches piled in as soon as he had sat down, with some likening his words to Enoch Powell’s 1968 anti-immigration tirade (forever after known — though based on a misquotation — as the ‘rivers of blood’ speech).

The only reason for Doncaster’s ailments, they declared, was all those years of Tory austerity and under-funding.

Within the political bubble, it all made quite a splash. The Mail’s Quentin Letts wrote that ‘amid all the rococo oratory in this Rwanda debate . . . the most remarkable speech came from an obscure Tory MP, Nick Fletcher.’ One Labour MP declared it was ‘the most appalling speech I have ever heard’. The Times called it ‘unhinged’.

So what do the people of Doncaster have to say? Having spoken to a lot of them this week, I discover that many — indeed most — think that Mr Fletcher has a point.

If he conjured up memories of the recent political past, it was not of Enoch Powell but of Brexit. That was entirely intentional from the MP for an area which voted 70:30 to leave the EU back in 2016.

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