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The Truth About Adrenochrome

The mainstream media would like us to believe that Adrenochrome would have little effect on an individual and therefore there is no reason to suspect that it is used by “elites”. However, Adrenochrome is a potent drug that has diverse effects on the body and mind and can even cause sudden death. There is a recognised association between rising to the top in many professions and psychopathic or sociopathic tendencies and while some individuals may naturally possess these traits, others might turn to chemical assistance, such as adrenochrome, to achieve similar effects, according to biomedical scientist, Simon Lee, who claims that, Adrenochrome can enable these individuals to feel disinterested and superior and where causing others to suffer may ordinarily disturb them the drug helps them to navigate without emotional disturbance, maintaining a belief in their mental clarity.

“One of the most ludicrous arguments proffered by the mainstream media, meant to “debunk” the adrenochrome allegations, is that “adrenochrome is a relatively mundane chemical compound created by oxidizing adrenaline.” Therefore, mainstream media reporters argue, there is no reason for suspected “élite” adrenochrome junkies to drink child blood.” Iain Davis

The Deplorables Start to Gossip so the Propagandists and Censors Get to Work.
Google Trends showed significant spikes in searches for “adrenochrome” in March and June of 2020 and public interest has increased since then. Adrenochrome groups are now prevalent on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, and other social media sites.

This has led to frantic attempts, by the globalist propagandists and censors, to regain control of the narrative.

According to the propaganda, we returned to the dark ages in 2020 because we were “beset with plague, rampant medical misinformation, and a persistent rumour that “global elites” torture children to harvest the chemical adrenochrome from their blood, which they then inject in order to stay healthy and young”.

So, just to be clear, there was no “plague” it was a pseudopandemic psy-op, and it should now be clear to informed people that the “rampant medical misinformation” was coming from the medical authorities themselves not those of us questioning the official pandemic narrative. With this in mind, why would anyone believe what these same propagandists say about adrenochrome?

According to the propagandists, adrenochrome harvesting “isn’t outwardly blamed on Jews” but nevertheless is still “anti-Semitic” and anybody discussing this subject is of course therefore “far right”. As we are all now well aware, these unfounded smears are routinely deployed against anyone questioning the official globalist narrative on any topic. Even Jewish people are now “anti-Semitic” if they go off script.

Regarding adrenochrome, it is claimed that “little scientific research has been done beyond a few studies in the mid-20th century on whether it could play a role in schizophrenia” and that “biologists didn’t find much of interest”. Since adrenochrome “isn’t that important” allegedly it “doesn’t get written about much by scientists, journalists, or academics”.

In reality, a search of the PubMed database ( comprising more than 35 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books ) returns 773 results for adrenochrome at the time of writing. Only 57 of these were published up to and including the year 1950. Despite this, the propagandists describe adrenochrome as an “imaginary drug”.

According to the propagandists, it is really bad for ideas to go “undetected and undebunked” by online platforms and the mainstream media because this has “enabled the rapid growth of antivax communities, Covid-19 disinformation, and the prevalence of the adrenochrome harvesting theory”.

They insist that in the absence of “trustworthy information” from “authoritative sources” a “data void” is created, allowing the spread of “misinformation and conspiracism” by the deplorables. What the stupid, uneducated peasants need instead is “well-curated, timely, and relevant” content in order to “halt the progress of conspiracists operating largely unchecked in ideological echo chambers”.

What is apparently required is “active promotion of authoritative content” so as to “inoculate against the disinformation”. Tech companies should team up with “experts” to “get ahead of these trends with timely relevant information”.

Since the deplorable peasants (like me) are barely literate, it seems reasonable to ask “Would a peer-reviewed study on andrenochrome’s inability to reanimate aging global elites even impact the communities that spread these complex falsehoods?”. The predictably patronising sneering answer offered is “Probably not”.

According to a peer-reviewed study:

“The fact that adrenochrome and adrenolutin have produced changes in the perception, thinking, and feeling of humans makes them very interesting for psychiatrists and physiological psychologists, although some deny that adrenochrome is active in humans. If it were true that adrenochrome is indeed inactive in humans, we would then have the curious situation of a chemical which is active in many species of animals, including the monkey, being inactive in man.” Dr A. Hoffer

According to the narrative, if the tech companies don’t eradicate “hate speech”, “medical misinformation”, and the “bigotry laundered through modern conspiracy” then they “may accelerate the arrival of a new dark age”.

Gulp. Nobody wants that.

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