Posted by Sam Fenny - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 14 December 2023

Losing a loved one makes you think of all the others going through the same agony, be it in Gaza, or Israel, or in all the wars, hunger and deprivation that this world manifests with such grotesque abundance. Can we just stop, take a breath, and ponder for a minute?

Is the agony of a mother, father, brother, sister, any less in Gaza than Israel? In Ukraine than Russia? In the United States than China? And vice versa? Of course not. But so often we are programmed to consider our own grief and not that of others we are told to hate, despise, or see as less worthy of our emotion because they are the wrong colour, race, culture, or religion.
We are all expressions of The One, Children of the One, no matter the name with which The One may be tagged and symbolised. But we allow ourselves to be divided into irrelevant factions of The One through merciless manipulation of perception to judge each other with a different eye.
If you are in the right group, I feel your pain. If not, I don’t give a damn. Even ‘good riddance’. What are we doing falling for this throughout what is called ‘history’? For we have.
The force that benefits, even survives upon, our pain and suffering is working incessantly to divide us and drive us to emotional despair. When we let that perceptual onslaught dictate our reality we manifest the collective experience of what we call the human world.
We have all the division, conflict, abuse, death, destruction, and emotional allocation on the grounds of tribe, not unity.
We can do better than this, people.
And we must.
We are EACH OTHER and when that is forgotten only tyranny prospers.

The Dream


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