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Deepfake Society: 74% of Americans Can’t Tell What’s Real or Fake Online Anymore

mericans believe only 37 percent of the content they see on social media is “real,” or free of edits, filters, and Photoshop. Between AI and “deepfake” videos — a survey of 2,000 adults split evenly by generation reveals that almost three-quarters (74%) can’t even tell what’s real or fake anymore.

Americans are wary of both targeted ads (14%) and influencer content (18%), but a little more than half (52%) find themselves equally likely to question the legitimacy of either one. This goes beyond social media and what’s happening online. The survey finds that while 41 percent have more difficulty determining if an item they’re looking to purchase online is “real” or “a dupe,” another 36 percent find shopping in person to be just as challenging.

While the average respondent will spend about 15 minutes determining if an item is “real,” meaning a genuine model or a knockoff, millennials take it a step further and will spend upwards of 20 minutes trying to decide.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of De Beers Group, results reveal that Americans already own a plethora of both real and fake products.

When it comes to those who own their share of dupes, clothing still ranked at the top (45%), but handbags and wallets slid into the second spot (38%), followed by shoes (35%) and fashion accessories (31%).

Though 47 percent admit they’ve purchased a fake item unknowingly, some respondents prefer that option. Those reasons include a lower price tag (54%), an almost identical look (38%), and not feeling the need to own the real item (27%).

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