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‘Covid’ Nurse Exposes Deadly Hospital Protocol

The Children’s Health Defense interviewed, Gail McCrae who was a nurse during the COVID times and worked in the Bay area of California, which was notoriously one of the most strictly compliant populations in the United States. As Gail says, “We were compliant, not just with the lockdowns and the masking, but also the Covid injections.” As a nurse, she could see that we were being lied to when COVID was first announced, because, the hospitals were locked down, elective surgeries were stopped, and the hospital she worked in became completely empty, but the news broadcasts were telling the public that they were full and overwhelmed.

McCrae and other colleagues from all over the state of California were not overwhelmed at any time during the first year of Covid in 2020 the hospital began to fill up with patients with the flu during the winter of 2020/21, however, that happened every year for the whole twelve years she had been working in the acute care setting. It was nothing unusual.

This alerted McCrae to the fact that “there were things going on that shouldn’t have been going on.” she says. and realised that when having to tell family members that they were unable to be at the bedside of their dying loved ones due to their isolation policy, for her it was a crime against humanity and a violation of her oath.

“I knew right away, it should not have been happening.” she said, “We isolate people in prison, we put them in the brig, when they do something wrong, to torture them, and that’s what I felt like I was being forced to do when I had to tell my patients’ family members when they couldn’t come into the hospital to be near their dying loved ones.”

The nurse knew she needed to critically analyse what she was being told to do, such as the administration of Remidisvir, which she knew to be an experimental use authorisation medication, and the only drug they were allowed to give patients who were hospitalised with “Covid.”

However, Remidisvir is an antiviral and she knew from her nursing training in her bachelor’s degree that an antiviral should not be given more than 24 to 48 hours post-symptom onset for a viral infection.but patients were usually not given it until between ten and twelve days post-symptom onset, which does more harm than good.

Unfortunately, she does say that she would ask her colleagues, “why are we giving this medication?” and “why are we doing this?” And their eyes would glaze over. so it can be assumed, possibly like many other nurses, she knew it was wrong, but did it anyway?

The interview can be seen in this X video below.


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