Posted by JULIAN ROSE Posted on 14 December 2023

Are Nation State Governments All Following a Genocide Agenda? – Julian Rose

No thoughtful self respecting human being can deny that within the political institutions responsible for administrating human affairs today, there are only a tiny fraction of individuals who put responsibility for caring for fellow humans and our planet, at the top of their agenda – if at all.


‘Democracy’ is what many still believe to be the best solution for citizen governance, these same people also hold that the politicians elected via national voting systems are ‘servants of the people’, since constitutionally that is what is indicated. Members of parliament entrusted with responsibility for accounting to those who elect them.


However, is spite of the fact that the general mass of the populace cling to the dream of a world in which democracy means a form of governance being ‘of the people, by the people, for the people’, upon inspection the reality is precisely the opposite.


Those beguiling men and women who portray themselves as saviours and saints of their communities prior to their election, shape shift into self serving parasites to the program of the globalist shadow government as soon as they become elected into office.


And what does the electorate do about this?


Some allow themselves to think that such a state of affairs is somehow inevitable ‘in this corrupted world’. Others express dismay and loudly proclaim that they will vote for the opposition party at the next election (..and get precisely the same result).  Yet others try to ignore the reality altogether, muttering cynically about ‘not voting at all in the future’.


A very small minority hold their elected representatives to account, demanding that they stand by the policies they promised to support before the election. Not that such determination necessarily produces the desired result; but it is at least honourable.


The net result of all this is that parliamentarians, senators and congressman, each of whom is primarily concerned with making a successful political career, fall instantly in line with the ‘party program’. A top-down fixed agenda, based upon the wishes of the corporate billionaire donors whose fulsome funding comes with an assurance that their support will be properly reciprocated.


Democracy in action, you understand.


The man or woman you thought was going to fight for the electorate’s interests at the local and regional level, turns out to simply be a puppet to those higher up the political pyramid. The new parliamentarians, if they didn’t know already, soon find out that the only way to keep their political prospects alive, is to follow the party agenda and never step out of line.


In the UK, any intention to deviate from the party line is greeted with the threat of being ‘whipped’, meaning being forced to comply with the will of the leaders – or face being expelled from the party.


Now that we grasp the essentially tunnel vision fixation of our party political systems, we can turn our attention to the agenda of the global shadow power nucleus around which everything is actually turning.


For those not fully aware of the motivation of this small but all powerful cabal – which prefers to remain in the shadows – it is a profound shock to be faced with the realisation that everything being visibly played-out under the predominant influence of globalisation, is an ulterior motive and charade for something considerably more sinister hatched out of sight and therefore ‘out of mind’ – of the great majority of world citizens, including most of the politicians they elect.


We don’t need to go into the details of what mainstream media calls ‘fake news’ and ‘conspiracy theories’. Those reading this article will already be more than familiar with the increasingly desperate attempt of the shadow government cabal – and therefore also the national governments they control, to discredit – or in severe cases to dispose of – those armed with truth and the determination to make it known.


Anyone not shaken to the core by events in Gaza since October 7, will also be unlikely to recognise the significance of the abject failure of nation states and their government representatives to step outside their political straightjackets and come to the rescue of a country whose essentially defenceless citizens are being systematically and brutally murdered in their thousands, in full view of everyone with a screen on their living room wall or office desk.


For the cabal, ‘non intervention’ is what it’s all about, because this shadowy sect is the motivating force behind the horror and takes a darkly parasitic interest in benefiting from the consequences.


The inability, or refusal of nations and key spokes-people to take a coordinated, international humanitarian stand in the face of this holocaust, reveals an unbroken chain reaction whose inception can be traced back to the parliamentarian I mentioned earlier, who failed to stand his ground thus capitulating to the will of senior figureheads in order not to jeopardise an overriding ambition to further his all important career.


Here is where the slide into slavery begins and the true expression of human liberty ends; the innate responsibility of the sentient, moral human, to act in the cause of truth and justice – superseded instead by the narcissistic desire to feed the demands of an insatiable ego.


Now juxtapose this with the top of the pyramid cult ambition to live-out the fantasy ‘God-King’ 

bloodline dream of  attaining ‘absolute power’ through ‘absolute possession’ – and the links in the chain slot into place.


Klaus Schwab’s proclamation “You will own nothing and you will be happy” simply exposes the program whereby our homes and related assets are to be confiscated in the interests of a totalitarian regime declaring itself to be the only authority able to align the whole planet with the ‘sustainable development’ goals of the Great Reset and Green New Deal.


Ironic indeed is the choice of the term ‘sustainable development’ to describe the take-over of the world by a small clique of psychopathic megalomaniacs, using the great global warming deception ‘Net Zero by 2050’ to authenticate the enforcement of its global power grab.


But it was known well in advance that this ploy would be sure to work, because less grandiose versions have already been practised successfully for decades – if not centuries – under the ‘problem, reaction, solution’ formula. Invent a crisis, provoke a reaction and come up with a solution to the problem you created. 


How many cabal initiated false flags have been used to catalyse a preplanned outcome over the past twenty five years alone?


The likes of Schwab, Gates, Soros, Rockefeller and Rothschild are the visible end of this control agenda. So are the global institutions like the United Nations, World Economic Forum, World Health Organisation and European Union. Then there are the bankers like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Layman Brothers that team-up with semi secret societies like the Bilderberg Club, Trilateral Commission, Club of Rome and Chatham House.


Also visible and boasting crushing financial powers are asset management firms like Black Rock, Vanguard and UBS. Not to mention behemoths like the Military Industrial Project and Silicon Valley. 


All these, and many more of course, are the outward material expression of an inner compulsion to dominate, and in the process crush the natural order expressed in ecology, family, community, creativity, diversity and spirituality. 


Answering to this vast conglomerate of aggressive globalisation parasites, are the parliaments of Nation states, playing out their subterfuge of democratic governance and ‘proper management’ of national resources.


Do they have an agenda in any way separate from the globalist cabal?


Are they standing-up for their professed ‘democratic’ belief in justice, honour and fundamental human rights?


Are they fighting to protect the sanctity of ownership, privacy and human dignity?


Are they defending the rights of their constituents to have direct access to affordable non-denatured foods free from toxins and laboratory engineered genetic distortions?


Are those who sit in these parliaments setting a worthy example by the way they conduct their own lives?


Apart from those few individuals who determinedly stand their ground and fulfil their duties of office, there is really nothing to distinguish the behaviour and attitude of those in government to those at the forefront of the globalist rape of humanity’s planetary resource base and all life forms that depend on it.


In the end, they too are agents of destruction, apologetically and passively complicit in their failure to take a stand against the crushing of all who resist a life of slavery.


So what really are governments these days?


They are institutions that offer the cowardly pretence of deliberating on the merits or demerits of adopting what is, in reality, a top down fixed and secretive agenda serving the cause of a ‘Great Reset’ and a ‘New World Order’ to be administered by a centralised AI form of robotic technocracy.


Working hand in hand with communication industry masters of mass hypnosis, they spin slavery to the cabal as ‘the proper workings of society’.


Across the world, governments handling of Covid, with very few exceptions, was a collective agreement to engage in genocide. 


Is it any wonder then, that these same governments cower behind a veil of collusion in refusing to take action to prevent the mass genocide being perpetrated in Gaza?


‘We the people’ have an extraordinary challenge ahead of us in order to take back control of our destinies and ultimately our planet.


No longer should we hold any illusions about the role of our political institutions. They are a dangerous sham; a dark hypocritical playhouse whose vanity laden games with democracy are rapidly leading to self inflicted collapse.


It is most certainly not our duty to try and save them, but to adopt instead a bold, fresh and inspiring approach that brings out the best qualities of the human race, so as to break through the dystopian matrix and set in motion a true sense of direction and purpose. One able to rise above and eventually vanquish the demonic forces unashamedly intent on our complete impoverishment.


Julian Rose is an organic farmer, writer, broadcaster and international activist. He is author of four books of which the latest ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind’ is a clarion call to resist the despotic New World Order takeover of our lives. Do visit his website for further information 


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