Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 10 December 2023

Of course Alex Jones is back on Twitter/X. As I have been saying, the ‘poll’ and waiting for God Elon’s pronouncement, has all been a GAME to hijack your perception and that of the Mainstream Alternative Media (MAM). You are being had, people, but most will never get that

They only see what is in front of their eyes, not what is weaved through what they think they see. The decision was made a long time ago and the Carlson interview with Jones was just the calculated prelude to it. The interview was the set-up for what was long planned. Musk could have simply done this long ago, but the ritual had to be played out to both eulogise Musk, the new MAM God, and to put Alex Jones centre stage as a symbol of the Mainstream Alternative Media alongside Musk, Carlson, Rogan, Tate, Peterson, Brand, Vlaardingerbroek, and all the rest. 

They may each have useful things to say about some ‘dots’ but they stand as a collective blockade to the deep levels of the rabbit hole within which their ‘dots’ are mere symptoms, not the cause. 

These are now the MAMMIES of the New Mainstream Alternative Media, with Musk at its summit decreeing what is and treated as a God while fronting up companies, SpaceX, Neuralink, Tesla, etc, that are essential to the Cult agenda that the MAMMIES claim to oppose. 

Where is the question of how someone can be officially the richest man in the world while opposing the Cult without whose support his business empire would collapse in a day? 

‘Elon!, Elon!, Elon!, oh, thank you, sir!’ 

Where is the question about why governments that supposed to hate Musk’s ‘free speech’ would go on handing over the taxpayer subsidies on which his empire depends? 

‘Elon!, Elon!, Elon!, oh, thank you, sir!’ 

Where is the question of why the Cult, through its Deep State, which controlled Twitter and what could be posted, would suddenly sell it to ‘free speech absolutist’ Musk who, as a result, has become the God of the very alternative media the Cult needs to direct and control so it goes here and no further? 

‘Elon!, Elon!, Elon!, oh, thank you, sir!’ 

Where is the question about the occult significance of Musk’s obsession with the letter ‘X’ and his plan for X to become the global App for everything? 

‘Elon!, Elon!, Elon!, oh, thank you, sir!’ 

The REAL alternative media that has no ‘here and no further’ is thus marginalised by comparison, as planned, but we are still here and still pursuing the depths of truth where the MAMMIES refuse to go. Cue abuse from the MAMMY believers, but they’ll see. Or maybe, blinded by the light of the Elon God, they won’t.

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