Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 10 December 2023

Corruption, corruption everywhere – how the Covid debacle made the scales fall from my eyes

WHEN I say that I have never been the same since the Covid debacle, I’m sure I am speaking for very many people. Before the first lockdown of March 23, 2020, I was bumbling along, writing articles and books, going on foreign holidays, meeting friends for lunch and dinner, going to the gym several times a week and pretty much enjoying life.

Since then, life has changed so dramatically, and generally for the worse, that I am sure it will never return to what it was. All of a sudden, measures were introduced which had never been implemented in peacetime, and were rigidly enforced. Our previous freedoms, taken for granted, were severely curtailed. We had to wear masks, distance ourselves from family and friends even when we were perfectly well and told to test ourselves regularly for the presence of a hitherto unknown and deadly virus. The most alarming aspect of all this was not that so many citizens accepted these restrictions but were actually baying for more.

In December 2020, the first vaccine was rolled out in the UK and we were coerced into taking it. In some instances, it was compulsory to have the jab if you wanted to continue in your job, to travel or to be admitted to hospital. Television presenters such as Piers Morgan and Andrew Neil, while knowing nothing whatever about the make-up of the vaccine or what its effects might be, condemned those who declined it as half-wits or quarter-wits. They went further, thundering that refuseniks should be denied medical treatment for putting everybody else at risk. When were we last forced to have an untested, experimental medication which had no discernible benefit and could cause great harm?

Now, four years on from Covid being touted as a new and highly infectious respiratory virus in November 2019 and the worldwide fear and panic which was induced as a result, my previously comfortable little existence has been aroused out of its torpor. The main reason for this is that some very uncomfortable truths have forced themselves on me.

Among them are:

1.     In so far as I thought about them at all, I assumed that the World Health Organization and the United Nations were benign institutions, promoting peace, goodwill and health for all. I know now that they are the complete opposite and are among the most corrupt outfits in the world;

2.    I regarded Bill Gates as just a technology whizzkid, even though his Microsoft technologies, on which he had got the world to depend, were always going wrong and never worked anything like as well as the hype. Now I know that, far from being a benign philanthropist, Gates is a sinister Bond-type villain for real, who wants to depopulate and rule the world. His Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has given vast sums to print media and television channels to ensure their compliance. Meanwhile, he has got his sticky fingers firmly and very lucratively into the pharmaceutical industry. Thanks to donations of huge sums running into millions, the mainstream media have not dared to utter a negative word against him. Instead, they have run many sycophantic interviews. It has been left to the brave dissident sites, always in danger of being defunded and shut down, to tell the truth about what is really going on with the Gates Foundation and its various offshoots;

3.    The pharmaceutical industry, far from being dedicated to making us healthy and well, is mainly invested in illness, as that is where the profits are. They want to get us all on drugs, preferably for life, as there is no money in a well person. This means that we must be constantly tested for this or that illness, given multiple injections and if possible put on medications such as statins for life. None of these drugs makes people well.  At best, they may prolong the agony, as many have severe long-term side effects. Meanwhile, natural remedies, such as vitamins C and D, fresh air and exercise, have been denigrated as ‘unproven’. My realisation is that most pharmaceutical preparations not only do not cure but often make things worse. Yet they are heavily advertised everywhere, the latest being for a vaccination against shingles shown at every cinema in the UK. There is some evidence to suggest that the Covid vaccines encourage shingles to develop, and certainly I have known several people who have developed this painful condition after one or other of the Covid jabs. Whether or not there is a link, I just don’t trust the industry any more, and I now steer very clear of all medications, doctors and hospitals;

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