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Artificial Intelligence and the Law: Where’s the Line?

On a recent visit to Mexico, I spoke with a 20-something Mexican crypto enthusiast who says he has used OpenAI’s ChatGPT to write legal briefs, some of which Mexican attorneys have used in court. At the moment, there are no rules or regulations against such an action, but Mexico is one of the dozens of nations that recently announced intentions to regulate artificial intelligence in some capacity.

“The thing (ChatGPT) is an expert in any legal code available on the internet, and can easily process what laws, jurisprudence, treaties, mandates, etc have to be considered,” Roy, the 20-something Mexican man told me. He says ChatGPT not only considers the various legal precedents that must be considered but also develops a legal strategy based on those precedents.

Roy also says that once you learn how to prompt ChatGPT “more efficiently,” a user can produce several models of briefs for a specific case “and then sort out what you don’t need.

Asked if he believes any judge or attorney could detect the presence of AI-assisted legal briefs, he seemed more interested in talking about the quality of the work of ChatGPT.

Perhaps, it’s too early to say if courts can notice a difference, but one thing is for sure: it does the work faster, with much higher quality at a very low cost, Roy said.

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