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The Road to National Digital IDs and CBDCs by 2030

The planetary digital gulag envisaged by our globalist parasites should be operational in less than six years. This commentary explores some of the sinister groundwork being established towards that end.

By 2030, you will own nothing. Let me repeat that again: You will own nothing by 2030. This is the oft-stated goal of globalist power elites fronted by institutions like the World Economic Forum (WEF).

You may have been very careful with your finances; you may be free of debts; free from any outstanding loan for any of the properties (houses, cars, farms etc.) you had purchased but you will no longer own them within six years. You may even have millions in the bank, along with a well-cushioned pension fund, but they will no longer be available at your disposal. Rights to everything that you own will be steadily transferred to a national coordinating authority which in turn will report to a centralised international body. There is nowhere to run in the emerging planetary prison.

Disenfranchisement of any form of property ownership will become increasingly apparent in the coming months and years. It will be total. This is a reason why products and services that you own or use are becoming more fragile – by design – worldwide.

This totalistic agenda of property disenfranchisement was casually justified by former Danish Minister of the Environment and WEF Agenda Contributor Ida Auken nearly a decade ago: “Why do you want to own a cell phone if you can just lease it and if you lease, why shouldn’t you lease your refrigerator or your washing machine or your dishwasher”? However, as I and many others have noted: all these leased personal and household tools will act as the ultimate panoptic tool. They will spy on you round the clock.

Ownership is increasingly deemed detrimental to the emerging power matrix. Ownership maintains bubbles of freedom in an increasingly communistic world. After all, a minority of independent businessmen and professionals did not heed the recent vaccine mandates as they were either sufficiently removed from the centres of coercion or were endowed with irreplaceable skills. They had also dismissed globalist tauroscatology with the contempt it deserves. And this is what bothers the parasites in power. As former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair demanded at a WEF powwow recently: “You need to know who’s been vaccinated” That means ownership over your physical body will be transferred to an unelected globalist hierarchy.

How does one sum up these sinister developments? As I had questioned in a recent article on planned obsolescence: “Will electronic micro-sensors be embedded into products of the future? Likewise, will humans be cattle-tagged with similar sensors to ensure consumerist compliance and the profitability of corporations?” Not to mention “behavioural compliance”?

Of course, there will be snafus, missteps and gross mismanagement of public funds along the road to 2030. These will be intentionally allowed for a short season. Your taxpayer money will be diverted to worthless endeavours which will bankrupt your nation. Your pension funds will be looted by globalist stooges who are fast approaching the end of their shelf-lives. Access to healthcare will be commandeered by specially-established national authorities as insurance companies go belly-up. In fact, due to compounding medical maladies caused by the Covid-19 vaccines, the health insurance sector is staring at mass bankruptcy. Besides, the concept of insurance is inextricably tied to ownership. Without legal ownership, there is no raison d’etre for insurance.

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