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Like father, like son on march to globalism

ACCORDING to the chorus of Running in the Family by the popular 1980s band Level 42, ‘we all have our daddy’s eyes’. But when applied to corporate oligarchs, royal families and political dynasties, this is not such a nice idea. Like father, like son has a darker meaning when considering that our nepotistic ruling class does not have our best interests at heart, and on the contrary is working towards our impoverishment, enslavement and even eradication.

A good example is the Trudeau succession in Canada. Pierre Trudeau, who was prime minister from 1968 to 1979, was an enthusiast of cybernetics and population control. While 1968 is popularly remembered as the year of emancipatory revolution, behind the scenes it was the anno domini of the new religion of ecological doom.

In the same year came Paul Ehrlich’s treatise The Population Bomb, which warned that the world could not sustain a growing population and that humanity was heading for disaster.

Trudeau worked closely with Alexander King and Aurelio Peccei, leaders of the Club of Rome, which was launched in 1968 at the Rockefeller estate near Rome. The mission of the Club of Rome was to bring together business leaders and academic experts to work on matters of global concern (in truth, this meant overriding the sovereignty of democratic nations in pursuit of one world government). As Matthew Ehret describes in his new book Science Unshackled (2023):

‘Trudeau was a devout supporter of this new organization, which soon became a center of neo-Malthusian revivalism during the early years of the 1970s. Trudeau even presided over the Canadian branch of the Club of Rome and allocated money to fund the MIT Club of Rome study Limits to Growth, which became a holy book of sorts.’

King’s computer modelling indicated that human progress was irreversibly destroying the equilibrium of nature. This justified a strategy of depopulation, although always masked by ecological virtue. Trudeau’s son Justin, the current prime minister, has placed his vast and relatively unpopulated country at the vanguard of the global regime to mitigate the purported climate emergency. Canadian citizens might freeze due to the enforced replacement of gas by ineffectual heat pumps, but he doesn’t care.

The British royal family has been deeply involved in the climate scam and its underlying motive in pseudoscientific eugenics. We owe to Prince Philip a rare insight to this thinking. His inappropriate remarks were often not the ‘gaffes’ as reported by the media, but unbridled expression of elitist disdain. In one notorious comment, he revealed his misanthropic desire: ‘In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation.’

That was no casual aside, but a line in his foreword to the 1986 book People are Animals by socialite Fleur Cowles. Philip was the polar opposite to his wife, Queen Elizabeth II, in speaking his mind as and when he chose. His eldest son Charles, elevated to the throne in 2023, would never utter such a callous wish to eradicate the minions. Yet Charles’s attitude is not fundamentally different to that of the former Duke of Edinburgh. When Charles criticises humankind for its despoiling consumption, he is really targeting humankind. There are too many of us, Charles believes – though unlike his father he does not say this so blatantly.

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