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Kevin McKernan Loses Entire Database of Research After Fascist New Zealand ‘Health’ (Death) Service Obtains Injunction to Prevent Sharing of Leaked ‘Covid’ Fake Vaccine Data

U.S.-based genomics scientist Kevin McKernan says he has lost an estimated $200,000 worth of research data after his account on file hosting service MEGA was deleted overnight.

It appears that McKernan’s account was deleted by MEGA in response to an urgent injunction granted to New Zealand’s (NZ) Ministry of Health (MOH) to prevent the sharing of anonymised data leaked by whistleblower Barry Young.

Young, a 56-year-old database administrator and former employee of the MOH, leaked data from a ‘pay per dose’ Covid vaccine database to NZ journalist Liz Gunn and U.S. tech millionaire and Substacker Steve Kirsch.

Both Gunn and Kirsch claimed that the data showed conclusive proof that the Covid vaccines are killing people at high rates. Kirsch publicly uploaded the data on Friday December 1st, the same day the injunction was granted to the MOH.

McKernan had ‘mirrored’ Kirsch’s data upload on his MEGA account to make it easier for people to download and analyse after international confusion broke out following the sensationalised release, which brought the integrity of whistleblower’s data into question.

Having heard that an injunction had been granted to the MOH to prevent further distribution of the NZ data, McKernan says that he texted Kirsch to get clarity on Monday December 4th, but did not hear back.

In a thread posted to X on Tuesday December 5th, McKernan says he woke up to find that his entire MEGA account, including medical genome sequencing and vaccine sequencing data, with an estimated value of $200,000, had been suddenly deleted. McKernan is one of the leading scientists involved in researching DNA contamination in the mRNA Covid vaccines.

“There is pure irony in this. Private company who puts sequence data public of medicinal plants and fungi to help the world, gets attacked by a public health agency that won’t share the taxpayers’ data… Wrong side of history,” wrote McKernan, who heads up medical cannabis company Medicinal Genomics.

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