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Message from an African small-scale farmer to COP28: “Africa needs fossil fuels”

COP28 is being held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (“UAE”), from 30 November until 12 December 2023. According to its website, one of the highlights from COP28 is Kenya’s President Ruto convening African leaders to accelerate Africa’s Green Industrialisation Initiative, capitalising on the UAE’s Clean Energy Pipeline in Africa.

At the Summit, COP28 President Dr. Sultan Al Jaber launched the Global Decarbonisation Accelerator (“GDA”), a series of initiatives designed to “speed up the energy transition and drastically reduce global emissions.”

Under the GDA, 50 companies, representing over 40 per cent of global oil production have signed on to the Oil and Gas Decarbonisation Charter (“OGDC”), committing to zero methane emissions and ending routine flaring by 2030, and to total net-zero operations by 2050 at the latest. Over 29 National Oil Companies (“NOCs”) have committed to the Charter – the largest ever number of NOCs to sign up to a decarbonisation pledge. The OGDC is an important step towards the industry increasing actions aligned with the aims of the Paris Agreement, COP28’s website states.

Signatories to the Charter agree to target a number of key actions, including Investing in the energy system of the future including renewables, low-carbon fuels and negative emissions technologies.

The following is a video message from Jusper Machogu, a small-scale farmer in rural Kisii, Kenya, to the United Nations Global Climate Action Summit (“COP28″) currently being held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


My name is Jusper Machogu, a small-scale farmer and agricultural engineer from Kenya and I have a message to the COP28, the UN COP28 meeting which is going to happen in Saudi Arabia [Machogu made an error and meant to say UAE].

And my message is: Africa needs fossil fuels.

We need fossil fuels to better our lives. We need fossil fuels for economic development.

You guys preaching to us – the Western governments and environmental organisations preaching to us about climate change, climate change is not a big problem to Africans.

We have far bigger problems. We have people sleeping hungry. We have people who are very poor. We have people without electricity. We have people who don’t have access to clean water. Those are our big problems.

We have people cooking with firewood and you telling us we should care about the environment, about climate change. What climate change, anyway?

So my message to these leaders, to African leaders, is: Don’t be bribed, stand firm. Don’t even attend the COP28 meeting. Those people who want to make decisions for us, policies for us, let them make those policies. But we are going to say no to neo-colonialism in the name of climate change. We should be all about human flourishing; Africans developing.

And that’s my message.

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