Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 3 December 2023

This is hilarious from one of the least informed people in what is called the ‘alternative’. ALL three of you were meant to do what you are doing, Mr Tate, but either you are seeking to delude us or you are too uninformed and naïve to see it

You are ALL diversions from the Big Picture truth that the Cult is terrified that the population will grasp and understand. You are ALL here-and-no-further hijackers of the real alternative. Cult-de-sacs for the minds of those who slavishly follow you. 
Musk becomes ‘officially’ (not really) the world’s richest man by opposing the Global Cult, not serving it – a Cult that could delete his fortune in a day. Hysterical. 
You are not a ‘hero’, Mr Tate, nor a ‘trailblazer’. You are a diversion. 
A rich one, though. Wow, I’m so impressed.

The Trap

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