Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 3 December 2023

Raised from the dead, but it’s still the same EU sycophant Cameron

THIS was a recent Telegraph headline: ‘David Cameron says Britain needs closer ties with EU’.

Well, he would, wouldn’t he? Lord Cameron is now gathering up the toys he threw out of his pram when the 2016 referendum went against him. What an opportunity to issue more rhetoric and platitudes about ‘our European friends and neighbours’! He must think every day is Christmas.

Prior to the vote, he lived in a fantasy world of how important it was to stay in this unelected, undemocratic, unaccountable organisation, where he would create important reforms that would benefit the UK.

In early 2016 I wrote to the Daily Telegraph pointing out some of the failings of Cameron, then our Prime Minister.

You will see that while there have since been many changes, especially with the migrant numbers that (amongst much other rhetoric) he promised he would reduce to the ‘tens of thousands’, Cameron’s zealous sycophancy and devotion towards the EU has not altered. I would wager in his new ‘Peter Principle’ role (promoted beyond his highest level of incompetence), he thinks he can knock another nail in the Brexit coffin. However, like most of our past (and present) failed PMs, the critical details required in an agenda or a project are always, yes always, non-existent with this government; only the ‘Big Picture’ is important to them. Vanity and delusion reigns over practicalities, as well as over the people MPs are meant to represent.

I find the never-ending pantomime of crass decision-making infuriating, all by people who if they had a bit more sense might be described as half-wits. It is beyond belief that they cannot catch a glimpse of their own and their colleagues’ ineptitude and dysfunctional behaviour. Everything they touch turns to dust. David Cameron is one of these, raised from the dead in the political graveyard by the current Prime Minister who can get excited only about the visiting Greek Prime Minister talking to Sir Keir Starmer first.

One understands that Cameron is lording it up in exalted circles. The best description of that came in the Telegraph a few days ago when it reported: ‘Meanwhile, David Cameron is somewhere or other consuming his own body weight in Ferrero Rocher!’

And this a man whose wife Samantha reported some years ago: ‘David loves the middle isle in Lidl.’ International shopper, excellent CV, ideal for the Foreign Office.

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